Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Farewell To The Old Guys...

Editorial: We've experienced some of the challenges of communicating via email with a missionary in a country where internet service is spotty. Jake had a longer and more descriptive email for us but it was either deleted or never made it when he sent it. So he quickly pieced this together for us before his time was up. That said, we are REALLY grateful that he can send us email messages and we can communicate back and forth with him a little bit.  

HOLA! I love you guys so much! and I hope you're all doing well! How is everything? Everything here is great and on Monday we just sent off the advanced missionaries and said goodbye to all our friends! but before we said goodbye we got haircuts and we entrusted elder Nielsen to cut our hair because the Peruvian guy that comes does a so-so job. But anyways we got to cut mine and it looked like a BOWL CUT! So we had this latino fix it and he was like a barber before!! So it looks great now!! I love it here and all the people here, especially the latinos! My buddy Porter Yates showed up today and that's been fun to get to see him!  We went out in the city today and went and bought soccer jerseys for like 5 bucks. They are so cheap and everything here is so CHEAP! The buses are so small, so me being 6'3" I like crouch in them.. it is so funny!  Everyday I wake up with a smile and a will to work! I love the Lords work and I've learned to lose myself in it. Losing myself in it has made the time go by so fast. I can teach a full lesson with my companion and we got our fake investigator to pray. I taught him how and he prayed and we seriously felt the spirit! it was so cool and we had a peaceful calm feeling after.  I feel the spirit so much and especially through my teachers.

The other day it was a rough day.. I was distressed about my spanish and I was worried. My teacher pulled me to the side and asked me what was up. Idk why but i just felt like breaking down and giving up!  He gave me a quote to read from Ezra Taft Benson, it said something along the lines of learning a language and being a missionary requires the spirit. without the spirit, no matter the skill or talents, it is not possible to learn as fast as you can without the spirit. So everyday i begin my class with my own personal prayer asking for guidance and the spirit and the GIFT OF TONGUES: it is true and the spirit helps anyone who wants to learn .  I love it here so much you guys! i love the work and the people and the long term friends i've made. Heavenly Father wants us to return to him and be with him. I am here to preach that to the people of Peru and have them come unto christ and feel of the spirit and Gods love. He wants the people of Peru to return back to him and through many missionaries and ME, he is relying on us to do that. Everyday I wake up and put a tag on that has my name right above "jesucristo." i am a representative of jesus christ along with many other missionaries. Jesus Christ has died for us and wants us all to come back to our Heavenly Father through him. We can make it through any trial because Christ has done the same and knows of your pain and suffering. He loves us all so much. I have felt the spirit testify to me that Jesus Christ did die for us and through him we can feel clean and comforted. I love you all so much! I am so sorry.... my other email got deleted and i forgot to send it so this one is a bit shorter.. But WRITE ME CAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE AND I LOVE THE LORDS WORK! :) Ciao! (a way to say bye in peru..) :)

Jake's district....His companion is on the far left

Laundry....Where is my mom when I need her?

P-day fun.....buying cool soccer jerseys for dirt cheap!

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