Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Running From The Big Dogs in Huancayo

Hey Family! How are you all? Things are going well......I'm happy and time is flying! This week was tough. We had a lot of knocking and failed appts....but that's OK. I'm determined to find new people. So our goal for this week is to contact a lot! Monday was a good day. We played soccer with all the Elders. We also taught a lady named Elva who only wants to get baptized if her son does too.....but there's a problem...her son works on Sundays. So we are trying to work that out.  Tuesday we had district meeting and I gave my first training.....good stuff haha! I taught how we need to be more thoughtful in our prayers and think of it as a conversation with our Heavenly Father. Because it is and that is one of the reasons I love praying so much.  Our Heavenly Father LISTENS and LOVES each one of us.  The format of district meeting is we have a song, training out of the missionary white handbook or Preach My Gospel, we talk about investigators and then we usually have an activity or game with the other districts. All of the districts in our zone meet in the same ward building so it's pretty fun. We also taught Jorge. He's my favorite less active. He is 78 and loves to talk. He tells us stories and then we get to teach him.  He has come to church 2 weeks in a row and is progressing a lot. We are very happy for him.  He always comes in his suit and white hat...haha! Wednesday Elder Cornilles was sick.  We worked as much as he could.  Thursday I did divisions with Elder Camacho from Bolivia. He's such a hard worker.  We went running on Friday....which is always fun! Then we had planning and a lot of failed appts.  That didn't stop us from trying to find people and we found a few people which was great.  Elder Brown, who is Elder Camacho's companion apparently has bed bugs...which is a bad deal. So I brought my sleeping bag and even though I was sweating to death at night I slept in my sleeping bag because I do NOT want bed bugs! Saturday we had to help with a members daughter's baptism. We had to fill the font because no one has the assignment apparently. The heater is broken on the font and if something isn't 1,000 times harder then you're not in Peru! So we had to rig this heater thing to get it ready for the baptism. We also had mission night on Saturday with the members. Sunday was good. We had ward council first thing and in church we taught gospel principles class. Izumi and Ryumi came to church....so awesome to see that. It truly made my week. After church we had several appts that failed us. That was tough, but we stayed out and searched for people.  The one lesson we did have was with Ernesto and Carmen. Ernesto's dad is a recent convert. They live out in the farmland of Huancayo by the mountains.  They have a really nice house.  We talked about there desires to be baptized and follow Christ. We talked about changing their schedules so they can attend church. The spirit was there while teaching and they are going to ask for Sundays off. Please pray for them!

We were headed back to our apartment at 7:45 and we had to cross this yard where a dog was. This dog is huge and hates us! We pick up our rocks/boulders and ran and threw the rocks at the dog. It is the scariest thing. The dog is huge! All of his buddies chase us. 

Reflection of the week:  This week was really tough and I found myself down on my knees a lot. But what I learned is not to give up.  I also realized that I got to testify a lot of Christ. That our Savior lives and he loves and knows each and everyone of us. I know that he loves me and I know God made this week tough to test me. I am excited to bring about the work here in El Tambo. I love it here and I love how the mission has shaped me for life and has made my testimony of this gospel stronger and my relationship with my Savior even stronger. He is our loving brother and it's my purpose to share with the people in Peru that he lives and loves them. He only wants the best for them. The highlight of my week is teaching people and testifying that Jesus Christ lives. Love you all! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

The Dog

Elder Moss - El Tambo, Huancayo - April 2016
Elder Cornilles - El Tambo, Huancayo - April 2016

Huancayo, Peru - April 2016

Jake's Apartment - Huancayo, Peru

Jake's Apartment - Huancayo, Peru

Monday, April 18, 2016

Transferred! Now in El Tambo in Huancayo...

Hey family! What's up. Well, all is good in Huancayo! I left La Oroya last week. So here is the run-down of the week. P-Day we went to Tarma. We did a scavenger hunt and spent like $15 in money doing a scavenger hunt that was sponsored by the mission. It wasn't that great but whatever. Then, that night, we had zone conference and then we headed back to La Oroya on Tuesday. We slept in the car and woke up and we showed up to Marcavalle to help with building the shower for the Elders there. Tuesday was an okay day. I did exercises at night and went to bed tranquillo and all! Wednesday, I was getting dressed and got a phone call from Elder Mendoza and he said in his usual funny way "Elder Moss, you are being transferred to El Tambo in Huancayo to be with Elder Cornilles". So I packed up as quickly as I could and left around 10:30 on Wednesday. Elder Molina and I are switching companions and so Elder Molina is with Elder Solorzano and I am with Elder Cornilles. My new comp is from Provo and he's a great kid! My zone leaders are Elder Hilton and Elder Carrasca. Elder Carrasca is from Chile. I got here and they told me I am the District Leader. We have a district of eight Elders and two Sisters. Our room is unfinished and our pension is great. And this is my first REAL ward! I am so excited you guys because they have a fully-functioning ward! I have been in branches the whole time and now this is my first ward and it is great to see how many members attend a ward. I've never seen that many people in church here before and I was in shock! This area is great and I am having a great time here so far. 

Elder Cornilles has been here for about six months. He's been out on his mission about a month longer than me. We set some new goals for the area and I am excited to be here! My Spanish is great and we are now working for new investigators and trying to find new people. I had my first run of taking numbers for the district as the District Leader and that was a little interesting. One of the people we are working with is Izumi and he is really cool and he is a way rich guy here and we like him. He studied in Japan and Russia and kind of knows how to speak English. But yeah we speak in Spanish because I can't teach the lessons in English to save my life! My teaching skills have grown and my power to testify is awesome. We taught him about baptism and he accepted a date to be baptized with his daughter Ryumi on May 14th. He came to church last week and did great. His mom is a member. We are helping him out and he's progressing so please pray for him. So I love it here in Huancayo...about to spend lots of money here because they have it all! My area is a real neighborhood and it is cool. Pray that I can get to know this area quick because I don't know how long Elder Cornilles will be here to show me the ropes. 

Today I was reading about Joseph Smith and about all the problems and persecutions that he had to deal with and the spirit testified to me that all that he died for and all that he did for us is true. He sealed his testimony with his death. This church is so true and we ought to spread it. Stay strong and be proud. I love you all lots!

Reflection of the week:  What I have learned on the mission is to just trust the Lord and the people above you like President. La Oroya was a tough area but the Lord knew I needed to be there and I'm glad I just pushed forward. I've learned to be okay with what happens and with the direction of the Lord because he always knows what is best for us. Thank you for all of your love and support!


Elder Moss

Elder Moss - El Tambo, Huancayo - April 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bad Internet, Good Letter

Jake was unable to upload or send much to us today. He said that the internet service in Tarma is really poor. We are lucky we got what we did.


I love it here on my mission. We are chillin in Tarma today.  Tarma is close to the jungle and the weather is perfect.  This week we worked really hard.....we cranked out 28 lessons. Tuesday and Wednesday we taught lessons and we visited Hector.  Friday was my favorite lesson.  We taught Guillermo about the Plan of Salvation. He had a great question about if we really had an identity while we were spirits? And we were not just spirits that filled bodies?  I shared the scripture Jeremiah 1:5 with him. I asked him how would the Lord know Jeremiah before if he didn't have an identity.....how could that be possible? His face lit up and his eyes got wide and he was so excited. The spirit was there and we testified to him that God knows and loves him and that he has a purpose here on earth. I know that Guillermo will get baptized one day.  We are working really hard with him. He is awesome and we are hoping to put a date on him soon. Saturday we did some service and worked. We didn't have church on Sunday because it is election time for a President and they were voting on Sunday and everything else just shuts down.  So we had district meeting.  

I love the district and I just love this gospel.  The mission has been tough at times but it's teaching me a lot about myself.  I feel like I just get happier and happier and my testimony is growing so much. I thought that I was going to be transferred this last transfer but it didn't happen. I know that God wants us in different places at different times. I know I am here for a reason to learn and to progress.  

Reflection of the week: I love the scripture Mark 7:15. This scripture explains that nothing can do us harm unless we allow it.  We have control over ourselves and through our Savior we can be saved and helped. The world that we live in is so wrong and messed up.  We are so blessed to have the everlasting gospel to help and guide us in our lives. I love telling this to the people I'm teaching.  I'm glad that I'm making a difference here in La Oroya. Time is really starting to fly.  Thank you for all of your love and support. I love you all!


Elder Moss


1. Have you heard anything about the new mission president you'll be getting in July?
yes a tad bit, he knows Huancayo really well and the people love him!! so that will be a plus for us.

2.  Who are your top investigators right now and how are they progressing?
Guillermo is the one progressing. No one wants to listen to us so we push with recent converts and less actives.

3. Is Guillermo married and how did you find him?
i think he is.. we walked into a store and talked to him after buying stuff... haha 

4. What is the weather like now?
It is raining still but starting to clear up which is nice.  So I can wear what I want.  I haven't touched the short sleeve shirts in a while.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Another General Conference Weekend!

MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you lots!!! You are my favorite mom and the opportunity you are giving me to serve is incredible. I love it here and I love your testimony and what you have done for me mom :) I love you lots and you have helped me through so much. You mean the world to me and I hope dad treats you to a good birthday. Your birthday present is my mission...haha. I love it here and I'm trying to make you guys and the Lord proud. This church is true and I love it here mom. 

We are in Tarma today for conference and P-Day. We came here on Friday so we could watch conference in English.  Today we're going to play soccer and eat hamburgers. It's been nice because it's been like a four day break. Last Monday we went fishing and used a net that we made to catch the fish.  That was really fun.  Later that night we went and cooked a fish dinner with a member.  Tuesday we had district meeting. We took a combi (a bus type of thing) around for fifty cents.  We taught four lessons in Paccha....one to Hector, Kevin a less active and a new investigator, Eloy.  We need him to come to church so we can baptize him. Wednesday was transfers and then we visited a guy named Guillermo and his son and brother Carlos. We told him we have a prophet that is speaking this weekend and they were surprised. We told them that we have living apostles and prophets and they were really into it. They asked questions about what if the Bishop is a bad person or we don't like him. We told them that we go to church for the Lord and not because we have friends there. We are working hard it is just a tough area and sad but most of all Guillermo pushes me to work hard. We teach him in his store and it is sometimes hard because people are going in and out all day. Friday we helped the Marcavalle missionaries move to a new place. And we are helping them build a new shower like ours. We have the best showers in our mission here!

I just love testifying of the Book of Mormon. It is so cool! I love it lots and wow I can just testify with power and it is unreal and I love it! But I have been reading and I read in Alma 42 about the plan of Salvation and how Adam had to fall and wow God just has a plan for us and it is so cool. I think the more you go through your mission the more you realize and learn and the more your desire grows to tell people about the truth! I think that is the coolest part! My testimony and knowledge are just growing and the Challenging & Testifying Missionary book that Dad sent me has helped me to be more bold and out there!

Funny story...we went to Marcavalle to a baby shower for the Branch President's family. They had a big old spread of food at the church and then they had a clown visit to entertain us! It was kind of strange but hey, we're in Peru!

My favorite talk in conference was from Elder Cook. He talked about opposition and about the plan and how we have to fail. Opposition is part of the plan. We have to fail as people. If there wasn't opposition we wouldn't learn. I love how he said that if there's opposition there is a God and he can help us. I loved Elder Christofferson and his talk on the role of fathers.

Reflection of the Week: How I've grown as a missionary in testifying.  I've learned to testify with power but with a voice that is soft enough to invite the spirit. It sounds weird but when you testify with a softness but boldly it's different. I love testifying of the BOM. It's a book that helps us to understand more about God.  We have a prophet on the earth. He may not be able to speak much to us right now but he is the prophet and he has the apostles to help him guide us. The church had to be restored. It was lost! We have the lineage of the priesthood and the temples. I love the temple! We need to go to the temples often. These last few months have been tough but its going good. It is fun being with all the Elders here in my zone. Our zone is mostly Elders and it is really cool because I have good friends like Ramirez and Campbell. I love you all !


Elder Moss

Elder Moss & Elder Ramirez - La Oroya, April 2016