Monday, April 18, 2016

Transferred! Now in El Tambo in Huancayo...

Hey family! What's up. Well, all is good in Huancayo! I left La Oroya last week. So here is the run-down of the week. P-Day we went to Tarma. We did a scavenger hunt and spent like $15 in money doing a scavenger hunt that was sponsored by the mission. It wasn't that great but whatever. Then, that night, we had zone conference and then we headed back to La Oroya on Tuesday. We slept in the car and woke up and we showed up to Marcavalle to help with building the shower for the Elders there. Tuesday was an okay day. I did exercises at night and went to bed tranquillo and all! Wednesday, I was getting dressed and got a phone call from Elder Mendoza and he said in his usual funny way "Elder Moss, you are being transferred to El Tambo in Huancayo to be with Elder Cornilles". So I packed up as quickly as I could and left around 10:30 on Wednesday. Elder Molina and I are switching companions and so Elder Molina is with Elder Solorzano and I am with Elder Cornilles. My new comp is from Provo and he's a great kid! My zone leaders are Elder Hilton and Elder Carrasca. Elder Carrasca is from Chile. I got here and they told me I am the District Leader. We have a district of eight Elders and two Sisters. Our room is unfinished and our pension is great. And this is my first REAL ward! I am so excited you guys because they have a fully-functioning ward! I have been in branches the whole time and now this is my first ward and it is great to see how many members attend a ward. I've never seen that many people in church here before and I was in shock! This area is great and I am having a great time here so far. 

Elder Cornilles has been here for about six months. He's been out on his mission about a month longer than me. We set some new goals for the area and I am excited to be here! My Spanish is great and we are now working for new investigators and trying to find new people. I had my first run of taking numbers for the district as the District Leader and that was a little interesting. One of the people we are working with is Izumi and he is really cool and he is a way rich guy here and we like him. He studied in Japan and Russia and kind of knows how to speak English. But yeah we speak in Spanish because I can't teach the lessons in English to save my life! My teaching skills have grown and my power to testify is awesome. We taught him about baptism and he accepted a date to be baptized with his daughter Ryumi on May 14th. He came to church last week and did great. His mom is a member. We are helping him out and he's progressing so please pray for him. So I love it here in Huancayo...about to spend lots of money here because they have it all! My area is a real neighborhood and it is cool. Pray that I can get to know this area quick because I don't know how long Elder Cornilles will be here to show me the ropes. 

Today I was reading about Joseph Smith and about all the problems and persecutions that he had to deal with and the spirit testified to me that all that he died for and all that he did for us is true. He sealed his testimony with his death. This church is so true and we ought to spread it. Stay strong and be proud. I love you all lots!

Reflection of the week:  What I have learned on the mission is to just trust the Lord and the people above you like President. La Oroya was a tough area but the Lord knew I needed to be there and I'm glad I just pushed forward. I've learned to be okay with what happens and with the direction of the Lord because he always knows what is best for us. Thank you for all of your love and support!


Elder Moss

Elder Moss - El Tambo, Huancayo - April 2016