Monday, April 11, 2016

Bad Internet, Good Letter

Jake was unable to upload or send much to us today. He said that the internet service in Tarma is really poor. We are lucky we got what we did.


I love it here on my mission. We are chillin in Tarma today.  Tarma is close to the jungle and the weather is perfect.  This week we worked really hard.....we cranked out 28 lessons. Tuesday and Wednesday we taught lessons and we visited Hector.  Friday was my favorite lesson.  We taught Guillermo about the Plan of Salvation. He had a great question about if we really had an identity while we were spirits? And we were not just spirits that filled bodies?  I shared the scripture Jeremiah 1:5 with him. I asked him how would the Lord know Jeremiah before if he didn't have an could that be possible? His face lit up and his eyes got wide and he was so excited. The spirit was there and we testified to him that God knows and loves him and that he has a purpose here on earth. I know that Guillermo will get baptized one day.  We are working really hard with him. He is awesome and we are hoping to put a date on him soon. Saturday we did some service and worked. We didn't have church on Sunday because it is election time for a President and they were voting on Sunday and everything else just shuts down.  So we had district meeting.  

I love the district and I just love this gospel.  The mission has been tough at times but it's teaching me a lot about myself.  I feel like I just get happier and happier and my testimony is growing so much. I thought that I was going to be transferred this last transfer but it didn't happen. I know that God wants us in different places at different times. I know I am here for a reason to learn and to progress.  

Reflection of the week: I love the scripture Mark 7:15. This scripture explains that nothing can do us harm unless we allow it.  We have control over ourselves and through our Savior we can be saved and helped. The world that we live in is so wrong and messed up.  We are so blessed to have the everlasting gospel to help and guide us in our lives. I love telling this to the people I'm teaching.  I'm glad that I'm making a difference here in La Oroya. Time is really starting to fly.  Thank you for all of your love and support. I love you all!


Elder Moss


1. Have you heard anything about the new mission president you'll be getting in July?
yes a tad bit, he knows Huancayo really well and the people love him!! so that will be a plus for us.

2.  Who are your top investigators right now and how are they progressing?
Guillermo is the one progressing. No one wants to listen to us so we push with recent converts and less actives.

3. Is Guillermo married and how did you find him?
i think he is.. we walked into a store and talked to him after buying stuff... haha 

4. What is the weather like now?
It is raining still but starting to clear up which is nice.  So I can wear what I want.  I haven't touched the short sleeve shirts in a while.