Monday, April 4, 2016

Another General Conference Weekend!

MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you lots!!! You are my favorite mom and the opportunity you are giving me to serve is incredible. I love it here and I love your testimony and what you have done for me mom :) I love you lots and you have helped me through so much. You mean the world to me and I hope dad treats you to a good birthday. Your birthday present is my mission...haha. I love it here and I'm trying to make you guys and the Lord proud. This church is true and I love it here mom. 

We are in Tarma today for conference and P-Day. We came here on Friday so we could watch conference in English.  Today we're going to play soccer and eat hamburgers. It's been nice because it's been like a four day break. Last Monday we went fishing and used a net that we made to catch the fish.  That was really fun.  Later that night we went and cooked a fish dinner with a member.  Tuesday we had district meeting. We took a combi (a bus type of thing) around for fifty cents.  We taught four lessons in to Hector, Kevin a less active and a new investigator, Eloy.  We need him to come to church so we can baptize him. Wednesday was transfers and then we visited a guy named Guillermo and his son and brother Carlos. We told him we have a prophet that is speaking this weekend and they were surprised. We told them that we have living apostles and prophets and they were really into it. They asked questions about what if the Bishop is a bad person or we don't like him. We told them that we go to church for the Lord and not because we have friends there. We are working hard it is just a tough area and sad but most of all Guillermo pushes me to work hard. We teach him in his store and it is sometimes hard because people are going in and out all day. Friday we helped the Marcavalle missionaries move to a new place. And we are helping them build a new shower like ours. We have the best showers in our mission here!

I just love testifying of the Book of Mormon. It is so cool! I love it lots and wow I can just testify with power and it is unreal and I love it! But I have been reading and I read in Alma 42 about the plan of Salvation and how Adam had to fall and wow God just has a plan for us and it is so cool. I think the more you go through your mission the more you realize and learn and the more your desire grows to tell people about the truth! I think that is the coolest part! My testimony and knowledge are just growing and the Challenging & Testifying Missionary book that Dad sent me has helped me to be more bold and out there!

Funny story...we went to Marcavalle to a baby shower for the Branch President's family. They had a big old spread of food at the church and then they had a clown visit to entertain us! It was kind of strange but hey, we're in Peru!

My favorite talk in conference was from Elder Cook. He talked about opposition and about the plan and how we have to fail. Opposition is part of the plan. We have to fail as people. If there wasn't opposition we wouldn't learn. I love how he said that if there's opposition there is a God and he can help us. I loved Elder Christofferson and his talk on the role of fathers.

Reflection of the Week: How I've grown as a missionary in testifying.  I've learned to testify with power but with a voice that is soft enough to invite the spirit. It sounds weird but when you testify with a softness but boldly it's different. I love testifying of the BOM. It's a book that helps us to understand more about God.  We have a prophet on the earth. He may not be able to speak much to us right now but he is the prophet and he has the apostles to help him guide us. The church had to be restored. It was lost! We have the lineage of the priesthood and the temples. I love the temple! We need to go to the temples often. These last few months have been tough but its going good. It is fun being with all the Elders here in my zone. Our zone is mostly Elders and it is really cool because I have good friends like Ramirez and Campbell. I love you all !


Elder Moss

Elder Moss & Elder Ramirez - La Oroya, April 2016

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