Monday, March 28, 2016

Finally.....Luis got Baptized!

Hola Family! Happy Easter!  How are you all?  This last week was alright but Saturday made it the best...which I'll tell about later. Monday we were in Tarma for P-day and hung out with all the Elders. We ate completos.....Chilean hot dogs.  After we played soccer on a rented turf field for 3 hours.  It's always fun to get together and see everyone! Then I went on splits with Elder Mendoza. We had 2 lessons and had a great time.  He's such a great teacher and I feel like I've become a better teacher because of him.  We stayed in Tarma until Tuesday and then headed back to La Oroya to help Elder Alvarado get packed. He's going home back to Honduras.  We feel so sad for him and we really tried to help and encourage him to stay but he was struggling. So guess who's Elder Campbell's companion?! Elder Ramirez! So on Tuesday we had to wait around for Elder Ramirez to show up so we weren't able to do much. Who ever thought that I'd be here in Peru with a good friend talking Spanish? It was so great to see him again.  The funny thing is when we did the rescue mission we ran into each other and I joked with him that he was going to be serving in Marcavalle and here he is! Wednesday Elder Ramirez and I did a division together and taught 5 good lessons..... it was non stop laughing all day! It's so great to be with a missionary who loves to work. The day goes by really quick when you are working hard. Thursday we also had a couple of good lessons.  Friday less lessons......but that doesn't stop us from working.  This week no one was home because it was Holy Week. They celebrate this instead of Easter.  But the one good lesson we had this week was with Rafael again.  He was telling us how he wanted to read more and find out more about the Resurrection and the BOM. I love this kid! He is 14 and is less-active and he's just in love with the BOM now. He bore his testimony at the end of the lesson and told us how he knows God hasn't left him and that in the last 2 weeks he has felt the spirit more.  He told us how the church is was so cool to hear that! Rafael didn't want anything in the beginning and to see him grow so much is so amazing and such a blessing. Saturday was great.....Luis got baptized!  Some back info about Luis. He was an old investigator that we contacted again.  He was taught by some other Elders but nothing came of it. When I met him I felt an immediate connection with him and challenged him to get baptized. We had some work to do with him.....but he accepted. His baptism was so awesome to see. He showed up in a white shirt and a tie that I gave him. After he was baptized he just had this light. His buddy, Willy, baptized him. Luis bore his testimony at the end. He said he wants his family to have the light that he has now. He also said that he just felt something different with us. I know I was sent to La Oroya for him! Wow it was so cool to see how much he has could feel the spirit strongly. He's one of my favorite converts! In 6 months he will be getting his mission papers ready! I'm so excited for him. It was so rewarding to have a solid convert after a couple of rough weeks.

Reflection of the week:  The differences we can make in other people as members of the church.  I've seen in my mission the differences I have made among the people.  Also how I have been shaped by others. I hope I have been an influence to others. I've tried to step up and take the initiative to be an example. I hope my example has helped others. Sometimes I feel like I have failed. But I can't control everything.  When I get knocked down, I get back up. If I fail, I keep going. Elder Rasmussen taught me to keep working even when you don't have success.  I'm grateful for that lesson. I hope that I've made a difference somehow with each of my companions. I hope that all of us will try to be example for others and try to be like Christ. We influence people daily. I love the tough times and I'm grateful for the people that have influenced me and made me a better missionary. I love it here and I know this gospel is true. I wouldn't be who I am now without my mission. I am learning things that will sustain me for the rest of my life.  I love you all! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss
Luis's Baptism - La Oroya

Service project - Potato Picking

Friends united - Elder Ramirez and Elder Moss

Hard to teach someone that's passed out! FYI...Jake's not losing hair, he got a bad haircut!

Elder Moss is prepared for the pollution from the mines!

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