Monday, March 7, 2016

Back in La Oroya

Hey Family.....How are you all? I'm finally back in La excited. But right now we are in La Merced for Zone Conference. I never thought I would miss La Oryoya but I did. After I wrote you last Monday we went with all the Elders in my "temporary" zone in Lima East and we went and played soccer with another zone.  I actually watched them play because I didn't have any p-day clothes. I sat there sweating while watching them play for four hours...not so fun! They have planned p-days and usually play soccer because there isn't much else to do. Later that night we had FHE. Tuesday I worked with the Lima East missionaries again and said bye to their pension. The pensions family was awesome! On Wednesday all 6 of us Albrecht, Solorzano, Gonzales, Petersen, Ramirez and I all met back up after being split up for four days and we went to the temple before our flight left at 4. I love the temple! Even though it was in Spanish, I enjoyed it and understood it all. Ramirez and I were talking about doing temple days at home once we get back from our missions.  It was so great to see Elder Ramirez. I love him to death and all the guys I was with, especially the 2 missionaries Loundetta and Nunez that I spent 4 days with. You become pretty close when you're sleeping 3 guys on 2 beds...HAHA! After the temple we got picked up to go to the airport to fly to Jaujo.  We show up and employers told Elder Holmes over the phone that we could fly with copies of our passport and driver licenses because that's all we had. Turns outs if it couldn't just get any worse! Ramirez, Petersen and Gonzales all flew that day and Albrecht, Solorzano and I stayed and enjoyed Papa Johns in the airport while we waited until someone could pick us up. We did get to see the beach which was really cool! So we headed back to Lima East and chilled in the mission house. Those Elders were not happy that we were back.  We got back to work with them and did splits on Wednesday and slept. They left us in the house on Thursday with nothing to do. We didn't have any food so we had to buy some.  Elder Albrecht and I decided since we didn't have much to do that we'd go to the temple again. Albrecht is awesome...he went to Alta....we had a great time. At 5 we went on splits with the office Elders. I went with Elder Morris to the richest part of Peru.  Holy Cow.....the houses! The General Authorities live there. We visited a rich guy.....I taught a was good. We returned around 8 and Elder Holmes had flown in to bring us our original documents. We were so happy to see him! We had a flight at 6 AM so we left at 3 AM Friday for the airport and there we were again.....but this time we got our tickets and Dunkin Donuts!  We flew home to Jauja on a 25 minute flight and headed to Huancayo to President's house where he greeted us with hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls....ahh so nice to be back! We visited and then headed back to La Oroya. What an adventure.....crossing a landslide, making the decisions, going to Lima, the temple, going to the airport twice and coming home after a week! Definitely one to remember. Turns out I did the right thing by going down to Lima because more landslides happened that killed people. Thank you to the spirit!:)

Please keep Renzo and Luis in your prayers. Luis is doing great and attending seminary. He's suppose to get baptized on the 19th.  Renzo has a date for baptism on the 27th. 

Reflection of the week:  How grateful I am for my mission.  I love it! Only things like this happen in the mission.  I love our President, the people and the missionaries here in Huancayo. There is a reason why I'm here and this whole experience gave me a boost of excitement to work hard and enjoy what time I have left.  The life of a missionary is the best.....nothing can beat it! I love serving the Lord and proclaiming the gospel.  I love you all and La Oroya!  #doitforjesus


1. Why was Elder Peterson alone?
He went to Lima to do Visa stuff and they sent him alone
2. Where and who was Elder Peterson's companion?
His companion was back in their area
3. Did you get muddy and wet while rescuing Elder Peterson?
No..haha...but I saw it all and it was so cool mom! The coolest thing!
4. What happened on Wednesday at the airport when you tried to get back?
We didn't have the right documents. All we had were copies of our passports and licenses. 
5. What clothes did you wear all week?
The same clothes ( it was gross) and we bought new garments from the temple.
6. Is Elder Holmes and older missionary….senior couple?
No. He is the personal secretary and is my age.
7. What was the plane like flying back to Huancayo?
The quickest plane was awesome. Got on and got off
8. How many times did you see Elder Ramirez?
I saw him twice and we talked and it was great to see him.
9. Did the members in La Oroya even know that you were gone for a week?
Yep...they knew we were gone. I called them all.

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