Monday, March 14, 2016

The Work in La Oroya Continues...

Hola Familia! I hope that everyone is doing great! Things are good in La Oroya. We were out of town until last Wednesday so that made the week go by really quick.  Sunday we headed down to Tarma and spent the night. We got up at 6 AM and took a bus to La Merced on Monday.  While on the bus we had an interesting experience.  As the bus was turning a corner, our bus driver tried to avoid hitting a drunk guy that was in the road, unfortunately he was hit and we're pretty sure he died.  We had to switch buses real quick as the construction workers showed up to put cones around him and then the police finally showed up. Sad thing and kind of scary. We got to La Merced and stayed in a hotel in San Ramon.....such a cool hotel! The weather was was raining but felt amazing! The best part was Elder Solorzano didn't tell me every 5 seconds that it was cold....haha.....but then he started telling me that it was too hot!

Everyone met up at the church.  Some went to a waterfall while we stayed back and played basketball with all the gringos in the rain.  We spent the day there and ate dinner at the hotel. After dinner some Elders and I all went to this place in town where they sell Oreo shakes....that was so good! We woke up Tuesday and we attended the Multi-Zone conference with President Henderson which was great! I'm going to miss him when he leaves in July....he's been awesome! Then we headed back to La Oroya on Tuesday on the hottest bus, it was really bad but at least we didn't hit anyone. Wednesday we had a zone-conference in Tarma and then we headed back home around 5.  

When we got back to our place on Wednesday it was so nice to find that our landlord finally fixed our shower and it's the most amazing shower ever! We jumped right back into work in Pacca and found 2 new investigators and we visited Hector. The Vento family, who were attending the Marcavalle branch, decided to start attending the La Oroya. We are so happy about this because they are the model-Mormon family....I love them! And they came yesterday to church. Thursday we had splits and I went with Elder Campbell, who I always have such a great time with. He's training his companion and his companion wants to go home.  He is struggling with the mission and doesn't want to be here. So Friday I told Campbell that I would do splits with him and see if I could help him in any way. I tried to help this Elder and I gave him some advice and talked to him and tried to give him encouragement....I hope he changes his mind. Saturday we visited Luis and Hector and the 2 new investigators. Luis is getting baptized on the 27th because we have stake conference this weekend. He maybe will be getting baptized with Renzo and Carmen! Carmen is new and has been attending church. Renzo is failing us sometimes. But we're working hard and trying to get them ready! Sunday we had 95 attend the branch.... lots of less actives and investigators. We had 3 lessons on Sunday and visited Luis.  He keeps coming to church and attending seminary at 6 AM. We also visited Lettsy who's preparing to go to the temple in 3 months.  

Reflection of the week: We studied a talk for the multi-zone conference about "pride" and I can't stop thinking about it. The one problem I have seen in some places and with some people in my mission is pride. It prohibits the people from going to church.  As members of the church we shouldn't be this way. We need to be humble examples for all. Love all and treat them as Christ would. I hope all of you at home don't let pride get in your way! I'm trying to teach them to be humble and to follow the example of our Savior. Love you all! Please pray for La Oroya! #doitforjesus

Elder Moss

Elder Moss & Elder Ramirez - Lima Temple March 2016

Elder Moss & The Elders in Lima East

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