Monday, November 30, 2015

First Transfer is Upon Us...

Jake is doing great. This week he expects there will be transfers happening. He thinks he'll stay in Huancavelica but there are no guarantees. We asked him how many lessons they teach on average per week and he said about 15 lessons. His language and teaching skills are getting a good workout. And he said the weather is strange - it will pour rain for 30 minutes and then be sunny and then rain again over and over. Thanks for your prayers.


HOY como estan? how are you all and I miss you! Yeah we baptized Frank..... it was awesome!  It was so cool to see him baptized.  He is so active and it is so great to see this kid make little changes in his life! We have a lot of baptisms coming up but we just can't seem to find investigators.. it's a bummer but we are working hard. I am hoping for a latino companion this week or maybe to become a trainer..... we will see.  I really want the chance to train because I'm feeling confident about my teaching and speaking now. I love it out here! Time is going too fast. 

Peru is just great and I love the police here.. they have thousands of them. It's like an army.  The other day a police lady told me I couldn't talk to a drunk guy as I was helping him because he belongs in the street. Not much went down this week except that we watched a guy make a cement post for the week..... haha. Oh gosh they make everything out of cement here! We are struggling to find new people that are interested in the church.. ..we need prayers please! We need to find people!  We also had a baptism for the other elders in Saccsamarca.... in the river!! It was cool and we had tons of people there and this girl, Imelda, has a true testimony of the church and it was so cool to see it. I love working here but it could come to an end! We have changes on Wednesday and who knows where I'll go or maybe I will stay here :) But I want a latino companion.. haha!  I'm done with great! We have about 5 baptisms coming up this month..... Ketty, Nadya and Rocio are the next ones. The attendance at church is maintaining itself even though our less actives and investigators and recent converts don't come a lot.. but we are working hard! I love helping these people and seeing the branch grow! 

Reflection of the week  is on divisions. We had divisions this week and I went with Elder Mendoza. At first I didn't feel like we had a good connection.  But the whole day I learned to like him. He is just always happy and willing to do the right thing. During the day I learned that I am a good teacher and I can speak. Elder Mendoza would sit back and make me direct the lessons and lead them out. I know my stuff, I can still improve but wow I was amazed at the spirit being there! It was amazing!! And I look back and realize I can do this!  Also most importantly that I shouldn't judge at first. Because Mendoza really is great and I love him and the missionaries I am with right now and I will miss them lots. I love it here and working, I am reading a book on Joseph Smith in Spanish and it just keeps building my testimony about him. He was a true prophet and I know that with my heart. I love this work! and all of you! :) miss you all! :)

Huancavelica @ 12,000 Feet
Elder Moss and Elder Daza - Huancavelica November 2015
Frank's Baptism - Huancavelica - November 2015

Foothills Above Huancavelica

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pray For Lircay

Jake is doing great. He and his companion had a baptism for Mariela. They've been working with her since Jake arrived in Huancavelica. He and his companion have been making the weekly ride from Huancavelica to Lircay - about a 3-4 hour drive. They are teaching a man there and trying to strengthen the little branch. Transfers are next week so we will see what happens.  


Hola Familia? Todo esta bien? Les extrano mucho! Things are good in Huancavelica! We have changes next week and most likely Elder Rasmussen will leave....Love that Kid! Work has kind of slowed down....we just can't seem to fine anyone and a lot of people fail us, but we keep working! Last p-day we played soccer til' it rained...It has rained lots again! Usually in the morning and then it clears up. Thursday we made a trip to Lircay. Instead of a 3 hour ride it took 4.  The road was closed so we had to take a back way through a city called Santa Barbara, which is abandoned.  It was founded by the Spanish and it has a huge's so cool! Peru is really the coolest place.  History about Lircay......A year ago there were missionaries there who were the branch presidency. They had 30 people attending and now it's a Family Group of about 8-14 people.  The president and his wife don't attend anymore and Licray is falling apart. Meetings are an hour and one guy, whose so faithful, does the sacrament and messages. It's so sad, no one has faith for the ward and no one cares there! I felt so bad and I want to go there and help, but no one can go to Lircay and serve.  

I had a cool experience in Lircay.  We visited an older member. He's in a lot of debt and is worried about money and his store.  We talked to him and he was so down and I felt so bad for him.  Elder Mendoza tried to teach him, he got frustrated with us and told us to leave. Just shows how important it is to "listen" to people when they are struggling.  As we were talking and getting ready to leave, I felt that I needed to do something. I bore my testimony and felt I needed to give him 20 soles (about $5). As I handed this , he rejected me, but I told him to trust that god will carry him through this.  His face lit up and we left. I had the best feeling.  I don't know why the Spirit told me to give him money...who knows? But I have never felt the Spirit so strong.  Lircay is sad, and I want to do all I can but we can only do so much. Pray for the place!

So this last Saturday we baptized Mariela! She's so great and has a great testimony! We did the baptism at Tres Boas, which is a natural hot spring in the hills. I got to confirm her a member and give her the Holy ghost. I was so scared....I didn't know what to say. But I got up there and said her long name and gave her a blessing as the Spirit told me.  I felt like it wasn't me giving her the blessing. It was so cool to confirm someone!

Reflection of the week:  I am a tool in the hands of the Lord. It's so cool to be out here to serve the Lord and have the spirit to guide me.  I have such a strong testimony of the Spirit and that He teaches through me to the people. Yes I'm the teacher, but they learn by themselves through the real teacher...  The Holy Ghost.  I love being a tool in the Lord's hand and learning more about the gospel, myself and these people everyday. I love you all and your prayers!  We have a baptism for Frank this pray for him! Love you all...the Church is true!

Elder Moss

Thanks to Google Earth we found the street where Jake lives!

Santa Barbara - An Old Abandoned Mercury Mining Town
Abandoned Cathedral in Santa Barbara

Michael (The Driver), Elder Daza and Elder Moss - Lircay November 2015

Elder Rasmussen & Elder Moss - Lircay November 2015

Not sure what to say here...Elder Moss, Lircay November 2015

Mariela's Baptism - Tres Boas, Huncavelica November 2015

Mariela's Baptism

Mariela's Baptism

Monday, November 16, 2015

Standing Room Only At Church

Jake's update for the week is below. He's doing great. He expects that in a couple of weeks at the next transfer interval he'll remain in Huancavelica but will get a new companion. He loves Elder Rasmussen and says they are seeing some great momentum with member attendance and increasing their investigator pool.


Hola Familia! Como estan? How are you all? This last week has been good! After all the trainings we worked hard this last week and we found some new people to teach and we are hoping it grows from there. Last p-day we slept's seriously so tiring being a missionary.....and plus it was raining all day. It's basically rains everyday!  It's unreal, one day it'll be sunny when I wake up at 6:15 and the skies are blue, than we leave our apartment at 12:00 and it's raining.  I have to carry an umbrella with me everyday.  As much as I don't like the rain.....I love Peru and the things I'm learning here. I'm enjoying my mission so much that I have forgotten about time.

This last week was really good with missionary work. We contacted a lot of people, found new people and we have a baptism this Saturday for Mariela. She has the desire, she reads, prays and she came to church on her own.  We had 70 member in attendance this last Sunday!!! It was such a happy moment! We had been working our tails off to get this many people at church. The other Elders have almost re-activated the ex-branch president and we had a lot of old investigators come.  The spirit was so strong, we barely had enough room and it was just so cool to see the branch thrive. see everyone smiling was awesome. It has given us more motivation to work. Also loved teaching the youth class. We have 5 baptisms Mariela (Saturday), Frank (Nov 25), Rocio (Nov 24), Ketty and Nadya (Nov 27). We are stoked, keep praying for the them and the branch because it's growing and I promise we're working really hard. I'm still getting up early to study my Spanish because I want to be able to speak it well. I want to be the best teacher with the spirit and the best leader.  All 4 of us are working hard and we are excited! This week we are working with Luis, a less active who is 22. We are trying to help him get on a mission. I promised him that if he asks God with all his heart and mind, God will show him a way. I love him and the people in Peru.

Reflection of the week is Matthew 22: 36-39. Jesus is teaching what is the greatest commandment...To love God. But the first and grandest is to love they neighbor. Pres Ordonez, the branch pres, taught this Sunday in Priesthood. We should love everyone as we love ourselves. Because we are all children of God! As I sat and "reflected", I realized I'm quick to judge some of these people. Some don't know better and some are just different. I do have a love for these people because I want to bring them closer to Christ. I want them to live with their families forever because mine means so much to me.  As a missionary I should love everyone because it's the first and most important of all commandments. I love this gospel...I love all of you! Pray for the Branch. Nos vemos proximo viernes!
Elder Moss

Huancayo Zone Conference Nov 2015

Huancavelica Scenery

Lots of Utah Fans in Peru Making Wallets for The Most Faithful Elders!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bowling Ball Hail!

Here's Jake's latest email. He's doing good. It rains daily in Huancavelica and apparently hails bowling balls! He's very encouraged by the progress he's making with the language. 


FAMILIA! how are you all? I miss you all!  Not much happened this week except for a zone conference on Friday that we traveled to. We stayed in Chilca with other elders and got back Saturday. On Thursday we had a huge p-day at a sport complex and all the gringos played football and then we played capture the flag with the Elders. Holy Cow 10,000 feet in Huancayo does you good guys.... DEAD!  The zone conference was great, everyone enjoyed it and President is just the coolest guy. The assistants gave trainings and then we did practices and I received compliments on my teaching! Apparently it is really good for the length of time I've been yes! My Spanish just like jumped this week and I am almost understanding everything, it is crazy!! It has just been raining lots here ..... I hate the rain haha.

We taught 2 lessons yesterday. The first lesson was while standing in the rain and the other lesson in a metal house while it hailed bowling balls!!  It was so much fun! These two new investigators are awesome and we taught them about the plan of salvation because they have lost loved ones. I will keep you updated on them next week. This week was just great and traveling was good. I'm so happy about my Spanish and teaching. I really have the desire to just teach and talk to everyone. It's amazing because that desire is growing more everyday.  Yesterday me and Elder Rasmussen taught Sunday school.  It was so much fun because everyone talks and I UNDERSTOOD them!  I was able to add my own thoughts.  I was teaching and asking questions and pulling scriptures out of nowhere. My conocimiento (knowledge) of the gospel has grown! Sorry don't know the word in English translate mom! :) Mariela is going to fall through for this week with her baptism.  She just can't seem to get herself to church and close her store on Sundays. I am not up for baptizing a less active and someone that doesn't have the desire to renew covenants every week and learn more.... so that was sad. We're going to have a harder lesson and push her a little bit.

Reflection of the week:  I had a really cool experience a week ago at a family home evening with some members. Her name is Zaida, she is single mother and has 2 boys 20 and 14.  They are great and we shared a video on missionary work and talked about it. I was teaching and the words were just coming out and I bore my testimony on missionary work and how much happiness it has brought me. I love helping the children of god and learning more about this gospel. It's truly something heart warming and unreal.... I love it so much. I just felt the spirit and I was crying and they were and it was so cool.  I hope I influenced these kids to go on a mission. It truly has changed my life.  I love it even though I work in the rain or the beating, hot sun (if we are lucky ugh).  I truly love Peru.  My purpose is to save souls and bring them back to their Heavenly Father. I love you all and miss you all lots! CIAO CIAO:)))

Multi-Zone Conference Chilca - Elder Moss & Elder Rasmussen

Huancayo Countryside

View From Huancalevica Apartment

View From Huancalevica Apartment

Monday, November 2, 2015

Day of The Dead...Not The Zombie Apocalypse...

Here's Jake's latest update for the week. This coming week all of the missionaries will be traveling to a multi-zone conference. Conference is on Friday and then they are having a big mission soccer tournament on Saturday night. 


Hey family! How are you all? How was halloween?  This week flew by and we enjoyed it lots! We had a lot of failed appts but that doesn't stop us from working hard. Every morning I'm up studying an hour early of Spanish and the scriptures. I want to be the best teacher and be able to communicate well with these people. love the Bible is so great!  Halloween is not that big's honestly just an excuse for the people here to drink. Lots of people drink here and then they visit the cemeteries and drop favorite foods off and flowers for their loved ones. We have to teach people to be careful with worshipping idols and stuff here. They have a hard time understanding that commandment. They celebrate "The Day of the dead and living" and have a huge festival. There's a huge carnival for kids and tons of freaking amazing food. I wanted to try roasted pig, cuy (guinea pig) and lots of different stuff that is smoked over fires right in the street haha.... and then they all get drunk.  

Elder Rasmussen and I had an experience this week with a drunk guy yesterday. There was a drunk, paralyzed guy in this sketchy alley yelling for help to get him up the stairs with his wheelchair. I like to help people here, they may not say thank you and they may have alcohol seeping from their pores, but I want to help them. So I stopped Rasmussen and we helped this guy up the stairs to his house. It's just sad to see all these people lost in the world. So many people walked past this guy and didn't care to help him. It was a good samaritan experience! :) It felt good to help him and my heart ached for him. 

Reflection of the week: I was reading in 2 Cor 3:5-6 and it talks about missionary work and how Paul is simply teaching of christ and not of himself. The light in this dark world is Christ and his gospel. As missionaries we are bringing light into this dark world. It makes me want to work harder and be able to relate to these people more and more. I've always cared for people and care for them even more when I get to know them.  It's HARD when you can't speak the language very well, but I'm trying because I want to help them as much as possible! So one day when I can speak better I know I will really help someone out and I will be on top of the world! I had a great experience with a less active girl who hasn't been attending church. She wants to go on a mission. I started to explain how it makes you happy and your life will be so happy after and the spirit hit her and she started to cry. I felt the spirit and my Spanish may have not been the best but she understood it. Her name is Tatiana. I shared how when I started to read the BOM, take church seriously and pray sincerely,  I felt happiness in my life. 

Right now we have 5 people with dates for baptism.... Frank, Mariela, Ketty, Nadya, and Rocio. The next one is Mariela. We are working with her and her sister who is a less active from Lima East missionaries. She wasn't taught how to pray.. it is sad.. but we are working with them hard. We are encouraging her to close her store on Sundays! Mariela did! She is great! I love being here and I'm happy and time is flying. I'm learning patience with this country and people. I truly enjoy serving them here in Peru. I love you all! and miss you all! :)
Birthday Celebration

Hauncavelica Branch

This is where the studying takes place

Impressed that the beds are nice and tidy!