Monday, November 9, 2015

Bowling Ball Hail!

Here's Jake's latest email. He's doing good. It rains daily in Huancavelica and apparently hails bowling balls! He's very encouraged by the progress he's making with the language. 


FAMILIA! how are you all? I miss you all!  Not much happened this week except for a zone conference on Friday that we traveled to. We stayed in Chilca with other elders and got back Saturday. On Thursday we had a huge p-day at a sport complex and all the gringos played football and then we played capture the flag with the Elders. Holy Cow 10,000 feet in Huancayo does you good guys.... DEAD!  The zone conference was great, everyone enjoyed it and President is just the coolest guy. The assistants gave trainings and then we did practices and I received compliments on my teaching! Apparently it is really good for the length of time I've been yes! My Spanish just like jumped this week and I am almost understanding everything, it is crazy!! It has just been raining lots here ..... I hate the rain haha.

We taught 2 lessons yesterday. The first lesson was while standing in the rain and the other lesson in a metal house while it hailed bowling balls!!  It was so much fun! These two new investigators are awesome and we taught them about the plan of salvation because they have lost loved ones. I will keep you updated on them next week. This week was just great and traveling was good. I'm so happy about my Spanish and teaching. I really have the desire to just teach and talk to everyone. It's amazing because that desire is growing more everyday.  Yesterday me and Elder Rasmussen taught Sunday school.  It was so much fun because everyone talks and I UNDERSTOOD them!  I was able to add my own thoughts.  I was teaching and asking questions and pulling scriptures out of nowhere. My conocimiento (knowledge) of the gospel has grown! Sorry don't know the word in English translate mom! :) Mariela is going to fall through for this week with her baptism.  She just can't seem to get herself to church and close her store on Sundays. I am not up for baptizing a less active and someone that doesn't have the desire to renew covenants every week and learn more.... so that was sad. We're going to have a harder lesson and push her a little bit.

Reflection of the week:  I had a really cool experience a week ago at a family home evening with some members. Her name is Zaida, she is single mother and has 2 boys 20 and 14.  They are great and we shared a video on missionary work and talked about it. I was teaching and the words were just coming out and I bore my testimony on missionary work and how much happiness it has brought me. I love helping the children of god and learning more about this gospel. It's truly something heart warming and unreal.... I love it so much. I just felt the spirit and I was crying and they were and it was so cool.  I hope I influenced these kids to go on a mission. It truly has changed my life.  I love it even though I work in the rain or the beating, hot sun (if we are lucky ugh).  I truly love Peru.  My purpose is to save souls and bring them back to their Heavenly Father. I love you all and miss you all lots! CIAO CIAO:)))

Multi-Zone Conference Chilca - Elder Moss & Elder Rasmussen

Huancayo Countryside

View From Huancalevica Apartment

View From Huancalevica Apartment

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