Monday, November 16, 2015

Standing Room Only At Church

Jake's update for the week is below. He's doing great. He expects that in a couple of weeks at the next transfer interval he'll remain in Huancavelica but will get a new companion. He loves Elder Rasmussen and says they are seeing some great momentum with member attendance and increasing their investigator pool.


Hola Familia! Como estan? How are you all? This last week has been good! After all the trainings we worked hard this last week and we found some new people to teach and we are hoping it grows from there. Last p-day we slept's seriously so tiring being a missionary.....and plus it was raining all day. It's basically rains everyday!  It's unreal, one day it'll be sunny when I wake up at 6:15 and the skies are blue, than we leave our apartment at 12:00 and it's raining.  I have to carry an umbrella with me everyday.  As much as I don't like the rain.....I love Peru and the things I'm learning here. I'm enjoying my mission so much that I have forgotten about time.

This last week was really good with missionary work. We contacted a lot of people, found new people and we have a baptism this Saturday for Mariela. She has the desire, she reads, prays and she came to church on her own.  We had 70 member in attendance this last Sunday!!! It was such a happy moment! We had been working our tails off to get this many people at church. The other Elders have almost re-activated the ex-branch president and we had a lot of old investigators come.  The spirit was so strong, we barely had enough room and it was just so cool to see the branch thrive. see everyone smiling was awesome. It has given us more motivation to work. Also loved teaching the youth class. We have 5 baptisms Mariela (Saturday), Frank (Nov 25), Rocio (Nov 24), Ketty and Nadya (Nov 27). We are stoked, keep praying for the them and the branch because it's growing and I promise we're working really hard. I'm still getting up early to study my Spanish because I want to be able to speak it well. I want to be the best teacher with the spirit and the best leader.  All 4 of us are working hard and we are excited! This week we are working with Luis, a less active who is 22. We are trying to help him get on a mission. I promised him that if he asks God with all his heart and mind, God will show him a way. I love him and the people in Peru.

Reflection of the week is Matthew 22: 36-39. Jesus is teaching what is the greatest commandment...To love God. But the first and grandest is to love they neighbor. Pres Ordonez, the branch pres, taught this Sunday in Priesthood. We should love everyone as we love ourselves. Because we are all children of God! As I sat and "reflected", I realized I'm quick to judge some of these people. Some don't know better and some are just different. I do have a love for these people because I want to bring them closer to Christ. I want them to live with their families forever because mine means so much to me.  As a missionary I should love everyone because it's the first and most important of all commandments. I love this gospel...I love all of you! Pray for the Branch. Nos vemos proximo viernes!
Elder Moss

Huancayo Zone Conference Nov 2015

Huancavelica Scenery

Lots of Utah Fans in Peru Making Wallets for The Most Faithful Elders!

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