Monday, November 23, 2015

Pray For Lircay

Jake is doing great. He and his companion had a baptism for Mariela. They've been working with her since Jake arrived in Huancavelica. He and his companion have been making the weekly ride from Huancavelica to Lircay - about a 3-4 hour drive. They are teaching a man there and trying to strengthen the little branch. Transfers are next week so we will see what happens.  


Hola Familia? Todo esta bien? Les extrano mucho! Things are good in Huancavelica! We have changes next week and most likely Elder Rasmussen will leave....Love that Kid! Work has kind of slowed down....we just can't seem to fine anyone and a lot of people fail us, but we keep working! Last p-day we played soccer til' it rained...It has rained lots again! Usually in the morning and then it clears up. Thursday we made a trip to Lircay. Instead of a 3 hour ride it took 4.  The road was closed so we had to take a back way through a city called Santa Barbara, which is abandoned.  It was founded by the Spanish and it has a huge's so cool! Peru is really the coolest place.  History about Lircay......A year ago there were missionaries there who were the branch presidency. They had 30 people attending and now it's a Family Group of about 8-14 people.  The president and his wife don't attend anymore and Licray is falling apart. Meetings are an hour and one guy, whose so faithful, does the sacrament and messages. It's so sad, no one has faith for the ward and no one cares there! I felt so bad and I want to go there and help, but no one can go to Lircay and serve.  

I had a cool experience in Lircay.  We visited an older member. He's in a lot of debt and is worried about money and his store.  We talked to him and he was so down and I felt so bad for him.  Elder Mendoza tried to teach him, he got frustrated with us and told us to leave. Just shows how important it is to "listen" to people when they are struggling.  As we were talking and getting ready to leave, I felt that I needed to do something. I bore my testimony and felt I needed to give him 20 soles (about $5). As I handed this , he rejected me, but I told him to trust that god will carry him through this.  His face lit up and we left. I had the best feeling.  I don't know why the Spirit told me to give him money...who knows? But I have never felt the Spirit so strong.  Lircay is sad, and I want to do all I can but we can only do so much. Pray for the place!

So this last Saturday we baptized Mariela! She's so great and has a great testimony! We did the baptism at Tres Boas, which is a natural hot spring in the hills. I got to confirm her a member and give her the Holy ghost. I was so scared....I didn't know what to say. But I got up there and said her long name and gave her a blessing as the Spirit told me.  I felt like it wasn't me giving her the blessing. It was so cool to confirm someone!

Reflection of the week:  I am a tool in the hands of the Lord. It's so cool to be out here to serve the Lord and have the spirit to guide me.  I have such a strong testimony of the Spirit and that He teaches through me to the people. Yes I'm the teacher, but they learn by themselves through the real teacher...  The Holy Ghost.  I love being a tool in the Lord's hand and learning more about the gospel, myself and these people everyday. I love you all and your prayers!  We have a baptism for Frank this pray for him! Love you all...the Church is true!

Elder Moss

Thanks to Google Earth we found the street where Jake lives!

Santa Barbara - An Old Abandoned Mercury Mining Town
Abandoned Cathedral in Santa Barbara

Michael (The Driver), Elder Daza and Elder Moss - Lircay November 2015

Elder Rasmussen & Elder Moss - Lircay November 2015

Not sure what to say here...Elder Moss, Lircay November 2015

Mariela's Baptism - Tres Boas, Huncavelica November 2015

Mariela's Baptism

Mariela's Baptism

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