Monday, November 30, 2015

First Transfer is Upon Us...

Jake is doing great. This week he expects there will be transfers happening. He thinks he'll stay in Huancavelica but there are no guarantees. We asked him how many lessons they teach on average per week and he said about 15 lessons. His language and teaching skills are getting a good workout. And he said the weather is strange - it will pour rain for 30 minutes and then be sunny and then rain again over and over. Thanks for your prayers.


HOY como estan? how are you all and I miss you! Yeah we baptized Frank..... it was awesome!  It was so cool to see him baptized.  He is so active and it is so great to see this kid make little changes in his life! We have a lot of baptisms coming up but we just can't seem to find investigators.. it's a bummer but we are working hard. I am hoping for a latino companion this week or maybe to become a trainer..... we will see.  I really want the chance to train because I'm feeling confident about my teaching and speaking now. I love it out here! Time is going too fast. 

Peru is just great and I love the police here.. they have thousands of them. It's like an army.  The other day a police lady told me I couldn't talk to a drunk guy as I was helping him because he belongs in the street. Not much went down this week except that we watched a guy make a cement post for the week..... haha. Oh gosh they make everything out of cement here! We are struggling to find new people that are interested in the church.. ..we need prayers please! We need to find people!  We also had a baptism for the other elders in Saccsamarca.... in the river!! It was cool and we had tons of people there and this girl, Imelda, has a true testimony of the church and it was so cool to see it. I love working here but it could come to an end! We have changes on Wednesday and who knows where I'll go or maybe I will stay here :) But I want a latino companion.. haha!  I'm done with great! We have about 5 baptisms coming up this month..... Ketty, Nadya and Rocio are the next ones. The attendance at church is maintaining itself even though our less actives and investigators and recent converts don't come a lot.. but we are working hard! I love helping these people and seeing the branch grow! 

Reflection of the week  is on divisions. We had divisions this week and I went with Elder Mendoza. At first I didn't feel like we had a good connection.  But the whole day I learned to like him. He is just always happy and willing to do the right thing. During the day I learned that I am a good teacher and I can speak. Elder Mendoza would sit back and make me direct the lessons and lead them out. I know my stuff, I can still improve but wow I was amazed at the spirit being there! It was amazing!! And I look back and realize I can do this!  Also most importantly that I shouldn't judge at first. Because Mendoza really is great and I love him and the missionaries I am with right now and I will miss them lots. I love it here and working, I am reading a book on Joseph Smith in Spanish and it just keeps building my testimony about him. He was a true prophet and I know that with my heart. I love this work! and all of you! :) miss you all! :)

Huancavelica @ 12,000 Feet
Elder Moss and Elder Daza - Huancavelica November 2015
Frank's Baptism - Huancavelica - November 2015

Foothills Above Huancavelica

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