Monday, December 7, 2015

6 Days, No English...

Jake had a great week but he is sad to be parting ways with his first companion, Elder Rasmussen. He will miss Elder Daza too. He's excited to be with Elder Jimenez from Chile. He says being the only American in the apartment has resulted in 6 straight days of no english! He's doing great, we are happy for him and appreciate all of your prayers for him!


Hola familia! Como estan? Everything is good here in Huancavelica! Elder Rasmussen went to Chupaca in Huancayo. I traveled with him on Wednesday morning to Huancayo in the terminal and he went with his new companion. I said goodbye to my good old "Dad". Sad to say goodbye because I truly love that kid to death! At first it was different with him but after 3 months we became the best of friends! He taught me a lot and I think the one cool thing about Rasmussen is how caring of a guy he is. It's cool to have to be forced into knowing a person in the mission.  From a perspective at home, I would have not gotten to know him.  I truly loved being his companion.  In Huancayo I hung out with Elder Walker and Elder Mason. We went and bought Mac n cheese and Ice cream at Metro's and cooked it at Walker's place. That was fun to chill with them! And then we waited for my companion...Elder Jimenez.....he's from Chile.  He's cool, funny and crazy...Haha! In the first couple days it was strange but he "falls" good with me as they say here! He loves to work hard....which is great. We talk to about every one in the streets and he's a great teacher and already has taught me a lot. He is 23 years old and has 9 months left. Elder Daza left for the jungle and Elder Mendoza is training Elder Pincay. You pronounce it "pink-eye" and I tease him that his last name is a disease...HAHA! So now there are 3 latinos and HVCA and I haven't spoken English in 6 days. But I love it and I'm doing great! We challenged 2 new people this week their names are Candy and Oviedo.....pray for them! Wow my teaching has improved and my Spanish because I am latino trapped!  We are also maintaining the attendance at 70......the Branch is progressing!  But in other news....I finally got to baptize! I baptized Rocio on Saturday and it was so amazing! She has a really strong testimony from things that have happened to her.

Reflection of the week:  This last Sunday we were visiting Hermana Lillianna and Michelle her daughter. Lillianna began to bear her testimony on how I have helped her realize that the scriptures are the iron rod and we need to hold on tight to them.  She is awesome and a great mother. We rescued her a month ago and she has progressed a lot.  And it was awesome to know that I have touched someone in a certain way.  My heart felt so happy to know that I'm here for a reason for 2 years. Sometimes it's discouraging but I forget myself and get to work as President Hinckley did. At times you worry but I have realized there is no where else I would rather be. There are people ready to hear my voice and some have heard it, such as Lillianna.  I love that I have touched someone with the spirit and that's why I am here. I have a testimony that this is the BEST 2 years of "up & downs,"..... full of joy and happiness.  I have never been closer to my Heavenly Father and have never realized how important a family is. I love my family! The gospel is true and it changes lives! It has changed mine and I can't wait to introduce it one day to my own family and the others who are waiting here. I love you all lots! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Rocio's Baptism

The Velasquez family

Transfers - Elder Rasmussen & Elder Moss - December 2015

Jake Will Miss Elder Daza

 Homemade Xmas Tree and Ornaments made it safely to Peru!

Foothills of Huancavelica

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