Monday, December 14, 2015

Challenging & Testifying Missionaries

Hola familia? Que ha pasado esta semana? I miss you all like crazy! The tree is looking great in the room and I love it!  Thank you so much everyone! It's definitely something I won't forget! How are you all? Things are good in the mission as always. Elder Jimenez and I are working hard. We've been talking to everyone, trying to find new people.....and it has worked!  We found 2 new people that want to learn more but are really faithful to their church... haha. So we've had to Bible bash lots with them. They're parents of 2 pray for their hearts to be softened.  

This week was great in the Andes Mountains.....not much rain......hiked up to a church on the top of this mountain for P-day. Coolest view and the church is pretty cool too! Apparently they have meetings up there.  People also hike up there, cry, light candles, bring flowers for their dead ones.  Actually we walked in on that and the people weren't too happy.  Tuesday we found a really awesome family that has 2 less actives and we have begun to teach them, we are excited about them! The missionaries hadn't visited them in 6 months! So we are starting, the Matamores family is their name and they have 4 kids and live in Santa Ana, a not so nice area.  But they are awesome! Wednesday we taught Ketty and Nadya, who are preparing for baptism and then later we taught a couple more with Oviedo, an investigator who we are praying will come to church.  Thursday consisted of no lessons.....but lots of contacting. We did give a quick first discussion in the street to an older guy. The old guys are always stopping us. Here in the Sierra the people call young people "jovens"and "papi". So when people call us that we call them "mami" or "papi" and just laugh it off. 

It's so much fun with Elder Jimenez, he's a goof and we have fun teaching and contacting. He's really direct and I love being that way and he has no fear! He has taught me to just go for it....and I have! We have 2 more dates this week and the numbers are growing. But most of all we are out here doing the Lord's work and enjoying it!  Friday we had a lesson w/Frank and then he helped us the rest of the day.  Saturday we taught Nadya and Ketty, Mariela, the 2 new investigators (that are tough) and Rocio! Things are good....I haven't spoken English in days... My teaching and Spanish are improving because of it. Elder Jimenez has been a blessing and I love the kid! Time is a 2 weeks I'll have been out 5 months. So last week I received an email from Rich Morris and he told me how he and his comp set a goal for 10 first discussions in the week and then it grew from there.  I told Jimenez and he said he loved the idea. So we started that, whether it be in the street or in the Taxi, when we contact someone we try. Because if we are pushing ourselves more, the Lord will step in and have someone prepared.  As long as we can get 1 out of the 60 people we contacted this week, we'll have someone that is prepared...I know it. 

Reflection of the week:  Our goal is "ensenar al toque no mas".....we teach quick on the spot to capture interest. Elder Jimenez and I have pushed aside the fear and just taught and opened our mouths.  Someone is out there waiting! We did that on Friday and since Friday we have taught 5 lesson and have appointments.  It's been so fun out here with Jimenez. I don't think I've worked this hard...I love it! And I love the Jehovah's witness Bible that an investigator gave me....Haha! Love you all! The gospel is true!

Elder Moss

Elder Moss and Elder Pincay December 2015

Elder Moss and Elder Jimenez December 2015

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