Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Celebration in Pampas

Hey Fam! How are you all? Early Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad! I love you all and can't wait to talk with you all in 4 days! Things are eh mas o menos here in HVCA!  This last week the attendance dropped at the Branch. There were only 43 one week and 40 the following....only 16 people took the sacrament. Elder Jiminez and I taught the youth Sunday School class again and we also had to take the lead in Elder's quorum! I just sit in church and try to think of ways to help this place. During ward council, Elder Mendoza and I, suggested lots and we have been asking for the members to help make this branch work. The church is so organized but the branch isn't or hasn't gotten to that point yet.  We are working hard and trying and I'm trying to do my best with being a leader and helping organize things here.  It's a learning process and it's long and frustrating at times.  But I love it here and working with Elder Jimenez....he's awesome and has taught me a lot.  My Spanish has improved because of him and also my teaching. It's challenging at times trying to lead out and help when you are limited on Spanish, but it's a trial and I'm learning and I know the time will come when it's not challenging. 

This week was good....I'm happy! We did travel to Huancayo on Monday for a zone conference and stayed until Tuesday. Elder Walker is great and Elder Bullock, who is an ex-marine. While traveling to Huancayo, Elder Mendoza threw up all over himself in the car! Our driver, Michael, wasn't happy and it smelled horrible. Tuesday we came back, Wednesday we went running and Friday we got to play basketball with Frank. Frank gets the priesthood on Jan. 3rd! He's awesome and is always helping us with lessons. Saturday we went to Pampas with the other zone in Huancayo to do an activity for the Elders and their "family group".  The Pampas branch has 13 people attending and President refuses to close it.  So we went there to perform a skit in the plaza and gave out paneton (good fruit cake that is amazing) and had lunch. It was fun to be with everyone and give Christmas to Pampas. Saturday night we had a lesson with the Cunya family. Great family who understand and love the church but aren't very motivated.  We've tried to help them realize that they can go to the temple one day.  We put a goal for the next year for them to go and be sealed. They are awesome and came to church on Sunday...yay! Please pray for them.

Reflection of the week:  Is about my family. In the mission you have a lot of time to think. I just think and reflect on my memories. This week I realized how important my family is to me and how I regret all the times I wasn't with them. They are EVERYTHING to me and I love them so much. My parents have brought me to the greatest knowledge you can have, the gospel.  My parents have done lots and I love them so much. I had a change of heart realizing how important families are and what my family and future family meant to me. Enjoy Christmas everyone and realize how important families and our Savior are to us. Feliz Navidad! Elder Jimenez and I bought a tree with lights and decorations. It feels like Christmas in HVCA!

Elder Moss
Elder Moss (middle) with the Pampas Missionaries

Elder Moss & Huancayo Zone

Christmas Celebration in Pampas

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