Monday, March 21, 2016

Hola From Tarma!

Family.....Another week! Feels like yesterday I was leaving the CCM and getting to HVCA and freaking out! I have grown so much since then.  This week went quick.  I bought a recorder. Lots of the missionaries here have them. I thought it would be fun to get a recorder so you guys can hear my voice. I'm in Tarma today and they have really bad Internet service so I'll have to send a recording next week.

Monday started out bad by getting horrible haircuts.  Elder Campbell had to go to Huancayo so Elder Alvarado, Solorzano and I went to Marcavalle to get our hair cut. Paola usually cuts my hair and I had to go to her after to fix it.  Elder Alvarado is from Honduras and also a one year convert.  He's struggling a bit, but we are really trying to help him.  He spent a couple days with us. We hope he can see that this mission is awesome. Please pray for him.  Elder Campbell returned on Wednesday to La Oroya.  Thursday we had the opportunity to do some awesome service! We went and picked potatoes on a mountain.  It was so much fun to be with the members of Marcavalle and the other Elders.  We were there until Noon.  Afterwards we had a member offer us lunch....which was lamb soup....which we had to eat to be nice.  It was NASTY!  Friday we actually had an awesome lesson with a new guy name Guillermo...he's awesome! He reads everything, understands and asks good questions. We will put him with a baptismal date this Tuesday. He just tells us how he wants to do what God wants him to do. He will be great! We also had a lesson with Rafael and Ronald (his brother). We read 1 Nephi:13 and we read about the Americas and about the Great & Abominable church.  They also had questions about the Incas and how they are descendants of the Lamanites. They were amazed! Saturday we did more service and helped set up for a baby shower. Sunday we went to Tarma for District Conference. Pres & his wife were there and they spoke. After wards they had everyone line up and shake there hands like they were celebrities...haha! I love the Peruvians! They are such kind people. After the conference was over we headed back to La Oroya with the members and then we visited Luis...who is awesome...and gets baptized this Saturday! Finally!! He's doing great and we're so excited for him! I hope Luis will get to the temple! He will probably do that next year in July when I am home! Which will be awesome to talk to him while he is out on his mission that he is so determined to do! He is awesome and has found a new light in his life and I am so happy for him! I love the temple and going in Lima was awesome but it was in Spanish! But i love that temple! I love the temples and it is something that has stregthened my testimony! I love how we can just go and be so close to our Father in Heaven! Hector is great! I love the guy and we just laugh with him and take care of him! I know that God has a special place for him in Heaven. He can't comprehend everything but I know God loves him so much and I tell him that every time we see him and that he will be with God once again cause he's so special. I love the guy to death!

Well, that's it. We will have p-day today in Tarma and hang with all the elders and play soccer.  Not much happened this last week.  La Oroya is tough but I love it and the time is flying!

Reflection of the week: Learning not to judge too quickly.  This week we went out to lunch with President Mejia and his wife. When I first met President Mejia I thought he was different. I've learned that I need to the give people more time before I form an opinion.  It's important to humble yourself and accept what and how it is with something or someone.  I want to do what I can as a missionary and just love them.  We have done some great things in La Oroya and it'll be sad to go and to not see these people again.  I've learned a lot here and I'm grateful for the change, challenges and hardships I've experienced.  I love you all! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

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