Monday, December 19, 2016

Training in Huancayo Was a Success!

Hey family! It's hard to believe that Christmas is this coming Sunday. I'm excited to Skype with everyone! When you're a missionary you kind of forget about Christmas (and other holidays) especially when the weather in Huanuco is in the 70s. 

We had a really great week with some miracles!  Monday we traveled to Huancayo in a car for 6 hours! That was really long and hard! We passed through La brought back some great memories while serving there. It is a long and winding road to get to Huancayo. We passed by the road that goes up to Cerro de Pasco. Elder Burt and I stayed in the mission home that night and the next day we had training with President Silva and the other ZLs.  The training was awesome! He talked a lot about the importance of opening up our mouths and talking to everyone.  He assured us that when we are brave and bold that something good will come of it.  He told us that the whole purpose he's here as our mission President is to help us to know who God is and that he's our Heavenly Father. The Spirit in the training was really strong. 

I had a great interview with President at the training. It was a really spiritual experience for me and him to talk one on one about the progress in the mission. I thanked him for sending me to Cerro de Pasco and told him that was the hardest experience I've had and that I really learned from it. We both had tears in our eyes and he gave me a big hug and really felt the love I have for President Silva. President has challenged all of the missionaries to make 20 contacts per day. Last week Elder Burt and I contacted 141 and by making and exceeding that goal I feel like I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father. We have seven new investigators and two of them are progressing fast. Their names are Antoni and Enrique. We contacted Enrique in the street last week and he told us to come back. So we returned and got to know him a bit more and his cousin Antoni as well. They are 20 and 21 years old. We taught them about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and how to pray. We invited Antoni to pray and he gave one of the most sincere prayers I have heard. You could truly feel the Spirit as he prayed with all of his heart. Since Thursday we have seen Antoni three times and he has advanced with his reading in the Book of Mormon. Talking to everyone has really shown us that the Lord has prepared people for us to teach. I have really felt my work ethic growing here as we set and strive to hit goals and I've truly enjoyed it! Jefferson is set to be baptized on Saturday. Not sure on Dari or Juan...they've been hard to find lately so not sure what will happen with them. But we have a ton of work to do here and the zone overall is doing great!

Reflection of the week: I love the scripture in D&C 82:10 "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." Elder Gonzales would always quote this scripture. I know if we follow President's goal of 20 contacts per day that we will have baptisms. I have seen the Lord's blessings as we've been diligent in working. #doitforjesus

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I will see you on Skype on Sunday!


Elder Moss

Mission Training - Huancayo - December 2016

Elder Moss & Fellow Missionaries - Huancayo - December 2016

Elder Ramirez & Elder Moss - Huancayo - December 2016

Short Hair!

Elder Moss & Elder Ramirez - Huancayo - December 2016
Peru, Huancayo Missionaries - December 2016

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