Monday, January 4, 2016

Now We Can Say, "Elder Moss will be home NEXT year"!

Hola Familia?! How are you all? All is good here in HVCA! This week was actually really exciting! So on P-Day we ALL cleaned our room.......finally! Because I was the only one cleaning it.....Mom will be proud:). But now Elder Jimenez and I talked and we put a goal for everyone to clean. On Tuesday we had divisions and I went with Mendoza again. He's great and I love the kid because he has taught me to be truly obedient and I have seen the blessings because of it.  I have learned to be obedient with a reason and a purpose and that's just to be the best missionary.  In the beginning, I didn't like the rules......they bugged me, but now I'm fine and I know the blessings they bring.

Elder Jimenez and I received a call on Tuesday from Michael, the taxi guy, I answered and he told me he wants us to visit him and help him out because he has felt like he needs our help.  For 2 years he has rejected the missionaries but finally he wants us to teach him! So Jimenez and Pincay taught him! On Wednesday the ZL's came.....Walker and Bullock are awesome! We ate at Oregano's for the 10th time.....Love that place! Thursday we had 5 lessons! A record! But one of the best ones was definitely Michael! He is awesome and is willing to do lots to change his life.  He has just felt bad and wants the best for him and his kids, which he has never told us about. He is separated but has 2 kids.  The guy is so humble and has a testimony that God is there and the Lord. I just felt the spirit the whole time and wanted to cry with the guy and help him.  He has potential! Pray for him you guys please! I love him and want him to make this change. He truly is amazing and I understood everything he told us and it was such an awesome, spiritual experience.  So grateful for the guy!

New Year's Eve was good.....fireworks are nuts here! We stayed up, watched them and played cards. Next day our neighbor's started drinking again at 8 AM. They drink like it's nothing here. It's hilarious but disgusting. So we have a lot of drunk contacts and it's just too fun. New Year's day every person in HVCA goes on a "paseo" like a picnic and they drink, play soccer and drink some more. Friday we had one lesson. But we did find half dead drunks in the street....Haha! Saturday was normal.....we learned a few words in Quechua. Now that I understand Spanish I am learning a bit of Quechua:). Sunday was good, the attendance went up to 60! And we had a good testimony meeting! After fasting all day I took one bite of mondogo (cow intestine) and it killed my appetite. Later we had a lesson with Ketty and Nadya and their parents. We had to move their date to February so I probably won't see them get baptized. We had a lesson with a less active family the Sarmiento's. We are trying to reactivate the wife and her kids...but she's tough. And had a lesson with the Zorilla family, who have been coming to church. They are always giving us tons of stuff.....they're "Pi Tu Caso" ! This last week was good because we set some high goals and achieved them!

Reflection of the week:  My Spanish.....Wow I have improved.  Elder Jimenez told me I understand and speak Spanish great! Elder Walker said I'm speaking really, really well for 5 months out.  The Lord's hand has been in my life and I truly have sought the gift of tongues and still am. I love to study this gospel in Spanish. I love studying the language. I love HVCA and its sad because we have changes next week! But I will go or stay where the Lord needs me! I love you all!

Elder Moss

Sopa de Mondongo (cow intestines)

Christmas Day 2015

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