Monday, January 11, 2016

On To The Next Area

HEY FAMILY! So I have changes this week so it was a bit crazy.  I received a call last night that I was getting transferred. I packed all my bags and WOW they weigh a lot more than when I came here...haha!  I have a ton of stuff but it all fit. :)  I don't know where I am going but I'm stoked! I can't wait to go work hard in another area and help the people out! 

Things are good in HVCA...the attendance went to 72 yesterday at the branch! It was so cool to see all the hard work with Elder Jimenez is paying off. Elder Jimenez has taught me that you bring the hard work and you change the area!  I will be eternally grateful for that kid! He has helped me tons and I love the kid and it'll be hard to leave! But right now we are in Huancayo waiting to hear where we are getting transferred to. We will find out tomorrow. Last week Elder Pincay went to Lima because he has some take care of some document stuff. So Mendoza was with us this last week and I love that kid so much! He has taught me a lot!

This week was great! My testifying and teaching have grown so much!  I have mastered teaching the restoration in 4 mins. with the help of the spirit and it's so cool. I had such a cool experience this week! So about 2 weeks ago we were walking and I passed a less active, who was drunk, I thought nothing of it but I stopped because the spirit told me in some way to stop. I called Elder Jimenez, who was ahead of me, to help me.  We helped him to his house and talked to his family who are super active. His name is Ugo and his family is really faithful but he struggles. So we took out a couple appointments and visited him these last couple weeks. We were able to teach him 3 times this last week. Last Sunday he didn't come, but this Sunday he did.  He told us how much he has felt the spirit these last couple weeks with the church and praying. He prays twice everyday and loves doing it. He has grown in just this short amount of time and he hadn't come to church or prayed in years. Last night he just broke down with his family and us and hugged us and told us how thankful he is for us helping him. He realizes he needs to be an example to his son and daughter. They want to be sealed in the temple as a family. So we set that goal for them and hopefully they get there. It was the coolest thing you guys. If I hadn't stopped to help him out he wouldn't have had this desire to change.. it was so cool and spiritual and it felt amazing to know I left on a good note. 

Reflection of the week: The Holy Ghost is real!  The branch is up to 72 in attendance,  helping a family grow and a man wanting to change his life just because I have listened to the spirit. It's so important that we listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. He is our guide in our lives and sometimes I feel it strongly and sometimes I just have to dig deeper and notice it. I love it out here you guys and this week was great, and Huancavelica has POTENTIAL ....I love it!  I love that I helped bring a dying branch back to life with these Elders. Continue to pray for HVCA and Ugo, even though I'm not there anymore. I love you guys so much and have a testimony that the church is true! :) ciao!:)

Elder Moss

We are so proud of you

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