Monday, July 18, 2016

The Book of Mormon is Key

What's up guys? How's home and everyone doing? Everything is great here.  We had a slow week of work but the week itself went by fast.  We did have 6 investigators come to church.  The Villanera family is so solid and they come to everything now! Their kid, Christian, is going to seminary that's really cool.  They are really excited about the church.  The one big hang up is that they need to get married.  They want to get married.  I hope one day I get to see or hear that they got baptized. Teaching the Villanera family was definitely the highlight of the week.

I've decided that P-day isn't always the best day....especially if you don't have anything planned to do. On Tuesdays we had interviews with President Silva and also district meeting.  We went to the office and spent 3 hours there.  The ZL's had English exams and practices with the Elders. After that I had my interview with President Silva.  Unfortunately it only lasted about 3 minutes because we had no lights.  First thing he asked me was, "You're a ZL right?"  Ha ha, I told him "no". President is cool and I like him a lot.  I guess he used the spirit of discernment to get to know me in that 120 seconds of my interview! I'm sure I'll have a chance to talk to him more in the future. He's had a crazy schedule. Wednesday we visited David.  He had read the Plan of Salvation and had done a huge study on it with his Bible.  He tried to tell us that we didn't exist before.  But we showed him Ephesians 1:4-5 and then he finally understood that we are all predestined and we have a purpose and that we did live with God.  He also had a lot of questions about the Fall.....we will go back later this week and answer them.  We also played volleyball with the ward on Wednesday and everyone still can't believe how tall I am....LOL! Thursday we had failed appts but we made up for it and found 2 new investigators.  We also saw recent converts, Wilder and Johana. One of the new investigators is a reference from a member who helped us.  His name is Martin and he's 17 years old.  He listened and understood everything.  His only question was, "So who's the living Prophet now?".  He also came to church.  Friday we taught the Diaz family 1 Nephi 13 and it was intense.  They understand that the Bible is not perfect. They also are great and use the references to look up a ton of scriptures so they understand. We saw Izumi who told us he believes now that God is just and idea created by man. He had watched some documentary about God and his existence in was on the Discovery channel.  So now he thinks God is fake.  I honestly think he's trying to justify to himself so he can drink and do what he wants.  We will try to help him understand but we might have to drop him. Saturday Elder Gonzales was sick so I did a lot of reading and studying.  We had a lot of failed appts on Sunday so we did some contacting.  In Peru, Saturday and Sunday, no one is home. They either go to family, go to some festival or drink. So kind of a tough week but we're hanging in there! Some of my most spiritual experiences here have been because of the power and influence of the Book of is the key and it doesn't matter WHEN people decide to get baptized but HOW they are truly converted to the gospel through the Book of Mormon. Good chance I will leave this upcoming change...we will see.

Reflection of the week: I like to share 1 Nephi 19:8-9 with people that don't take an importance of the sacrament, of the Saviors teachings, the atonement.  So many people don't apply these amazing things in their lives.....they ignore what our Savior has done for us. That's like the people who scoffed, disregarded or mocked him when he was on the earth.  What our Savior has done for us is VALUABLE.  If we don't use it and follow him then we are the ones that are disrespecting him.  If we truly have faith in Christ then we truly will follow him.  He knows we aren't prefect, he knows we fail. But he loves us.......what counts is our intentions.  I love you all! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Elder Moss - July 2016

Huancayo Zone - July 2016

Elder Moss & Elder Gonzales (far left)

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