Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Spirit is our Guide

Hey Family.....How are you all doing? Things are good here! Just an average week. Not much but we have been working hard and finding new people to teach.  Monday was sweet...we had a a BBQ and all the Elders (gringos) played basketball for 2 hours....that was a lot of fun!  President Silva and his family came and ate with us.  So that was fun to interact with him.  We also visited the Jara family who are slowly coming back to church. They've been one of the hardest families to rescue. But they truly are sweet!  Tuesday we got a reference from a member.  His name is David and he has a sickness that has kept him in his room for almost a year.  For a year he has gone to medics and they can't find the problem.  Apparently he has a lot of pain. People think that he's loco (crazy).  I see him as a normal guy that thinks too hard or there's something messing with him, like a demon.....HAHA! He is 33 and a civil engineer. Also he's an Adventist.  They believe in Saturday being the Sabbath. We introduced him and his girlfriend to the BOM and they said they would read it.  We also talked to his parents and they are willing to find out more about the Restoration of the Church.  So it ended up being a good reference. We visited John and Mariella. They are doing good and Mariella is still reading. Her baptismal date is August 30th. The Villanera family came to sport night on Wedensday. Thursday we had a lot of failed appts.  But we did see Urbano.  He's 58 years old and is less active. Walking is challenging to him.  We have tried helping him out by giving him some exercises so he can strengthen his legs.  We are working on his faith.  Friday we had planning meeting. We saw the Diaz family and they are so cool.  They have some of the best questions. We taught them about the Great Apostasy.  Then the Jara family has 2 friends that we taught.  One was from HVCA that recognized me. The other one lives in our area. Saturday we taught the Villanera family.  Heli, the dad, read all the Principles of the Gospel book. The mom is also really interested. I think back and I'm so grateful that we knocked on their door.....we were definitely lead by the spirit.

We have been having some real quality lessons lately and the result of that we had 10 investigators who came to church this last Sunday.....Diaz, Villanera, Izumi & his daughters. That has been such a blessing and testimony builder for me.  We also had a video conference on Sunday with the area 70. He was giving us some instructions on the plan of the area.  There's not a lot of seminary attendance and keeping the sabbath day. I spoke in church and talked about the importance of being an example.

Reflection of the week:  As I was watching the video conference from the area 70 I started to realize things I need to be better at.  Not obedience wise, but small things.  I feel like sometimes we are to prideful to change. We need to listen to the spirit and ask God what is missing in our lives.  Pride can block the spirit from whispering to us.  The spirit can indicate to us in a lot of ways.  But I realized he is our guide and he gives us advice.  But we need to be willing to listen. I invite you all to listen to the spirit and try to be a teachable and humble enough person to change what your need to change. Thank you for all of your love and support. #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

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