Monday, February 8, 2016

But Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Hola Familia?! Como estan todos? Todo esta bien aca en La Oroya! Nothing big happened this last started out a little slow.  Elder Solorzano is awesome and we are working hard and enjoying our new room. The old room was horrible and it smelled like sewage all day! Our new place is really nice. 

Monday we went to Tarma. Such a pretty place, easily is a tourist city.  I would love to serve there one day. Our zone is all Elders and two sister missionaries. We played soccer for 3 hours and then shopped because they have a store that's like H&M here! Then we also got haircuts. Tuesday we visited my best friend, Hector.  Always puts a smile on my face to be with him. He's carrying around my old BOM case, that has my name on it, and just smiles and walks with us to places. I know I'm serving the Lord when Hector is with us. Thursday we did a few visits in Paccha. We talked to Abraham....his wife is struggling and his baby. Please pray for them. They need help and we have the branch working together to help them. Friday we played volleyball with the members and investigators. We are also working with the less active kids....Kevin, Raul, Rafael and Brian. Three of them want to serve missions this summer because they told us we have had a big influence on them. The power went out on Friday so we had to teach with candles. That was fun to have a lesson with Rafael with candles. Saturday we went with Yolanda to Paccha. She helps us a lot there. Her family usually attends the Marcavalle branch but they're going to start attending the La Oroya branch to help us out. She is so great. Her son is serving a mission in La Paz, Bolivia. She's like a second mom to me...she's so sweet!  We taught an older guy named Carlos in Paccha. We taught him about the Restoration. I find so much joy in teaching. I love helping these people understand why God restored the church of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. I love studying from the bible and BOM and learning as much as possible. I truly love it here.

Reflection of the week: The mission is something all young men need to do. I have learned so many things that I would have not learned in college. If we first seek the kingdom of God, he will provide a way for us (Matthew 6:33). I hope that all my cousins, friends and the YM in the Highland Ward know that. If we seek and follow the commandments and the Kingdom of God......God will help and bless us more. I have seen it here, those who seek the Kingdom are blessed more. I'm blessed more. I have a testimony that the mission provides something that any college can't provide. Don't doubt serving a mission. I want to re-live my experiences in the MTC and Huancavelica (1st area). It truly is the greatest time.... you learn, put your life in order and realize your purpose and most of all you help others come unto our Savior, Jesus Christ. You bring others to realize their purpose as you are learning about yours. The amount of spiritual experiences I have gained is amazing. The Lord is calling for all of us to do his work and search for the Kingdom of God and you will be blessed and will be ready to study and work. That's my testimony of the mission and our life on Earth.

Luis is great BTW. He still wants to serve a mission and he attends church and seminary. Our new pension is a guy and cooks really well...he owns a restaurant.  

This is where Jake and his companion live in La Oroya Antigua - second floor.

Rafael showing his kitty the candles!

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