Monday, February 15, 2016

We're Getting a Shower!

What's up fam? How are you all? Hope you are all doing just "Lovely"! La Oroya is treating me well with the white-looking mountains and lots of traveling. This last p-day we went to Tarma. We played basketball all together and then worked in foursomes that night. Tarma is the coolest place.....I want to serve there! Tuesday we had zone conference in Tarma and then came back to La Oroya to work. We left on Wednesday at 3:00 to head to Huancayo for a multi-zone devotional with Elder Godoy of the 70. We went to the office and hung out there with the elders. I got my package:)! We ate pizza with the Huancayo, Satipo and La Merced was fun to see everyone! So good to see some elders and talk about the mission and life. A lot of elders told me "sorry" because I was in La Oroya and asked me what I did to be there....haha! This place has a reputation but I'm fixing that! We went to a hotel and spent the night with all the Elders. That was fun....but hotels here aren't like the states. We got up at 5:15 and got ready and had breakfast at the mission home and then headed to the conference. President and Sister Henderson spoke and then Elder and Sister Godoy. It had to be one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. One of things Elder Godoy talked about was how we are truly instruments for the Lord and how obedience plays a huge factor in that. Being obedient here in the mission is something I love and thanks to Elder Mendoza I have seen blessing upon blessings from obedience.

We returned to La Oroya on Friday and got to work. We had some lessons and contacted some people. I love contacting's my favorite to talk to everyone and be their friends! Don't freak out Mom but we don't have a shower so we've been waiting on our landlord to finish it. It's so nice and our room is really nice so I don't care. We shower like every 2 days in the other Elders room.....missionary life! Saturday Elder Mendoza came to Marcavalle to interview an investigator of Elder Campbell and Bruno because he is our new zone leader. I love that kid! I am so happy! We talked about HVCA and he said that Ugo is active gain and is 1st counselor of the YM's, Mariella attends a lot and that HVCA is growing. People want to work and there is more and more support. Branch attendance is 80-85. But Frank and Rocio are less-active so that made me sad but HVCA is a lot better! It was great to talk to Mendoza during the baptism on Saturday! We did a lot of great things there....glad I left that area better! My goal for every area I am in is that I make it better and I'm an example for all! BTW mom the shower will be done on Wednesday.

Reflection of the week:  I had an experience while teaching Omar and Paola Thursday night. We were talking about baptism and how it's necessary and they accepted a date, it was spiritual and going great. But we moved into a problem....they're not married. We start to talk about that and they started fighting, yelling and crying in front of us about problems from the past. Elder Solorzano was trying to help them but they just kept going at it. Frankly I was sick of it all....because that's not how you should treat someone you love. So I waited and IDK why but I felt I needed to speak boldly and with authority. I told them to be quiet, to pray together after we leave and to talk. I told them as a representative of Christ this is what he wants them to do. They stopped and we prayed to end our visit and I was asking for so much to help them and then we left them to pray.  I know the spirit told me to do that. And for them they're doing better and attended church together and Omar told me that everything is a lot better. I have a testimony that the Spirit tells us what to do, we just have to listen and not have fear. For now Omar and Paola are fine and their daughter, Letzi, is getting baptized this Saturday. Next Saturday Luis is getting baptized. He's attending church and institute classes. Things are good here.....I love you all and miss you! #doitforjesus

Elder Moss

Shower under construction...

Elder Moss & Elder Lefson - Huancayo, Feb 2016

This is Jake and his friend Hector.

Elder Solorzano & Luis - La Oroya 2016

Hector got his official name badge!


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