Monday, February 1, 2016

More Changes!

Hey are you all? I'm doing great....things are going good in La Oroya. A lot has happened, unexpected stuff.  P-day we played volleyball with the members. We visited some investigator that night that I will talk about later. Tuesday we had district meeting with Elder Campbell and Elder Bruno.  Campbell is from Washington and he's really fun! Our district is us four missionaries. We have fun together and we love buying Pringles and Ice cream in Marcavalle. Wednesday we were in Paccha and my companion has been having some health problems.  He's had a rough mission and he told me he wanted to go home. I felt so bad for him...he's such a kind person. I tried helping him the whole day and trying to convince him to stay, bearing my testimony, but he had his mind set. He went to Huancayo to visit with President Henderson and I did visits with the other Elders in Marcavalle. President convinced him to stay and he came back and I was so happy for him. But President told him he will have emergency changes to another place to recover. So all week we expected him to get transferred. Friday we had our last lesson with Omar and Paola, they're the couple that needs to get married. They're are the best.....they always give us treats and food. Paolo accepts everything and wants to get baptized but Omar doesn't want to get baptized. He has a lot of doubts about the BOM. He won't accept the scriptural evidence..... I was even whipping out all my bible scripts.  We decided to share our testimonies and testify and the spirit was really powerful and I think there hearts have softened a bit. 

Sadly, that was my last lesson with my companion and he was transferred to Huanaco on Saturday. We waited for Elder Solorzano from Ecuador, he's my new companion. He's 18 yrs old, and a one year convert and has been out for 3 months. So I'm now the older comp....LOL. I guess I can teach and speak well enough to lead out. He's still learning his scriptures...but that's okay. I've been leading out the lessons and I'm so grateful that I can teach and speak well.....I feel like I know the stuff I need to know. We also changed rooms on Saturday and the new room is nice. We got a new pension also.....she's a much better cook.  We have Abraham, Ronald, Luis and Renzo set to be baptized on the 27th. Please remember them in your prayers.

Reflection of the week:  I'm an influence to investigator and members! We are working with Luis, an 18 year-old.....he is awesome and always wants to do visits with us. He told me he wants to serve a mission because he knows the church is true and he wants to do what I'm doing. We set a goal for him to be baptized and then leave on a mission next year. He told me he would love to get baptized and serve a mission. He's willing to do whatever is necessary because he wants the truth in his life. I love that kid and he would be a great missionary. Today the spirit testified to me that I was sent to La Oroya for Luis so that he can set a goal to serve a mission. Please pray for him. I love you all and miss you all to death!

Elder Moss


1. How do you get around by foot or by car? How do you get to and from Paccha?
     By foot and a combi (it's like a small bus) so I don't fit...Haha!
2. When does it get light and dark there?
     7 and then 6:30
3. Did you move to another apartment?
     Yes, we moved to a nicer place
4. Do you still have the same pension?
     No, we changed....thank goodness because she's a better cook
5. How often do you see the other missionaries in Marcavelle?
     A lot actually. We like to go there because it has stuff from the states that are sweet!
6. Do you have hot showers?
     No...we actually have to go to the other missionaries apartment to shower because we don't have one. They are suppose to be building us one.
7. What time are you usually back to your apartment at night?
      8:30 to read, sleep and play with the rubiks cubes that my investigator gave me
8. Do you have a scripture that you love that has helped you when things are hard?
      Not a scripture but a quote from Uchtdorf: "Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our Journey".
9. What is the weather like? Still raining a lot?
       It rains here and there, not lots, but it's hot sometimes but usually cold because we are in the canyon.

Jake's new the iron bars on the windows.

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