Monday, September 19, 2016

Loving Cerro de Pasco!

It's cold here in Cerro de Pasco! Seriously the cold is different because heating doesn't exist in Peru so it's impossible to escape the cold!  We are at 14,000 feet.  I keep getting asked if the altitude has effected me.....but I'm good.  P-days now consist of any changes that happen with transfers.  So if you are getting transferred you travel on your p-day.  We also can't do activities with members to bring investigators.  

So Sunday I received a call that I was getting transferred. So I packed all my stuff and Monday we headed to the terminal.  Said goodbyes and then traveled for 5 hours to Cerro de Pasco.  On the way there we passed through La Oroya and it was great to reflect on the teaching experiences I had there.
The people here in CDP are really nice..but it seems like they're not as into doing member missionary work like I've been used to in other areas.  My new companion, Elder Morales is hilarious!  He's from Argentina and he has no fear which is good because people when we are contacting, we are able to get into their houses with out any problems. 

Our apartment is not so good.  We will be changing rooms, for the 4th time on my mission, to a better place.  Our new room is nice and small.  But you want small here so you can trap the heat in...haha! Love our pension, she's really sweet. The food is isn't so sweet.  The altitude makes you tired, but I'm used to it now and even the cold I'm adjusting to.  

In the middle of the city they have a huge mine.  In the mine they have a thing called "el tajo", it's a huge hole where the workers will enter the mine.  They work for 14 days and then have a 7 day break.  Down below in the mine they have rooms where the miners rest. The mining company keeps digging and so the hole gets bigger and bit by bit it's eating the city.  People have to move their homes because of this.

Our ward is the Yanacancha's great!  We have 2 investigators, Victor & Miguel. They have baptismal dates set.  Victor is a 16 year old kid who's really interested in the church.  His family is also showing interest.  Miguel is 25 and his wife left him so he's really sad.  He wants to change his life and get baptized but he has a problem with drinking so we are trying to help him. One of the problems in our areas is the missionaries have been teaching mostly women which is not okay.  It's important for us to find men and families to teach.  So we will be focusing on that.  I'm excited to serve in CDP and we are having a great time!

Reflection of the week:  This week I've been able to reflect on loving everyone.  Things are said about people that can make you form an opinion without really knowing that person. There's a lot of situations like that in the mission where you go in thinking that someone or some place is terrible and you end up loving the person or area.  Rumors and other stuff that goes around can be distracting and also just not true. Sometimes it's hard to love everyone and be like our Savior, Jesus Christ, but it can be a wonderful journey getting there. I love all of you so much! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Cerra de Pasco mine 

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