Monday, September 5, 2016

Spiritually Uplifting Week

Happy Labor Day! How's the family doing?  I hope that everyone is surviving school. I also hope that the Utes started out the year on good note this last week!  Things are good here in Mantaro. In fact it was one of my most spiritual, edifying weeks.

So we had the chance to have a multi-zone p-day and were able see a whole bunch of Elders.  It feels like years since I had the chance to see them.  I was so happy to see Elder Campbell!!  He's in HVCA and having a good time.  We all went to this place called Myopaupa and played soccer.  Even President and Sister Silva came.....that was way cool!

Tuesday we had a really long multi-zone conference with President Silva.....but really awesome.  He talked about closing our hearts......not flirting with the Sister missionaries and members because there have been problems with that here. So that was fun to listen to but not fun for some.  Like it says in 1 Nephi 16:1-3(Read it).  President also talked a lot about obedience and wanting to leave the mission "clean".....saying you did your best.  When I was listening to him the Spirit testified to me that he truly is the President of this mission. It's tough taking on a change and a lot of the missionaries are not too happy. But for me these last months I have been praying and fasting and asking Heavenly Father to humble myself to know that he is our President.  I left the multi-zone conference being touched by the spirit and knowing that President Silva is doing only what the Lord indicates him to do.  He left me shocked, hard to describe, but wanting to truly finish out my last 10 months the best that I can.  I love President Silva.

Our week was normal with investigators.  We have been doing a lot of contacting with Elder Daza and Bautista.  Elder Daza and I went together Thursday and Saturday. Everyone failed us so we knocked on doors all night. Sunday we had 13 investigators come to church! Pray that we can get them to commit to baptism....It's been really hard not having that. The Diaz family is still not ready. Pray for them because they need help to really feel the importance of keeping the commandments. Kory, she has no doubts. She's reading the BOM and is in 2 Nephi 12 and progressing.  She even put her own date of Sept 17th to be baptized.  She said she prayed about it.  She just really needs some more friends.

Mari and Lucero, mom & daughter, have been attending church for 4 months and have fallen in love with the church.  They brought Oscar, the dad with them.  Mari and Oscar aren't married (no surprise there). Oscar is awesome and wants to get baptized. We taught him about repentance and putting the Lord first and keeping his commandments.

The Villanera family is progressing.  Ursula, the wife, is changing a lot and loves the church.

Reflection of the week:  This week was incredible for me.  I've learned a lot in the mission. How to truly repent, humble myself, fast and a lot more.  I've gotten so close to our Heavenly Father in these last couple days.  I feel truly converted to this gospel. So grateful that I have felt so close to the Spirit this last week.  I am so excited for these next 10 months of my mission.  I love you all. Please keep me updated on your lives!  #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Huancayo Zone - September 2016

Elder Moss & Elder Campbell - Huancayo, September 2016

Huancayo Skyline - September 2016

Evidently Mountain Dew is a Luxury in Peru

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