Monday, August 29, 2016

The Diaz Family Got Married!

What's up guys!? How's school going for everyone?  Not gonna lie....I miss it!  Once again it was an average week here in Mantaro.  It's clean up time with the investigators.  We are starting to drop some of them because they're not progressing.  Kory is one of the investigators that we are needing to drop. It's so sad because she had all the answers in the world and every indication that she should be baptized.  Honestly, Satan works really hard on these investigators.  Kory is also really stubborn.  No one can progress if they aren't willing to change.  She's struggling with accepting that what we are teaching her is true. She has doubts because of the things that she reads on the internet.  

P-day Elder Gonzales and I chilled in our room.  We made BBQ wings and might have had a nap or two.  Later that night we went and visited the Paruaga family....they're doing great and changing a lot! Tony and Andre, the sons, don't hang with their buddies that drink that's great.  The whole family is progressing and it's so awesome to see this gospel make changes in their lives.  We do need to get them to come to church.  The conflict is they don't want to miss their family breakfast that they have with everyone on Sundays.  Please pray for them so we can get them to come to church.  Sometimes it's a little sketchy bringing investigators to church.  We are always on the watch to make sure that members don't offend someone or say something unnecessary.

There are 18+ people that live in our apartment complex.  So there's not a lot of hot water for showers. So we decided to buy a tank of gas for our solar shower because we want hot water all the time. We hooked the tank up to the gas powered heater and it didn't work!!! The landlord and his wife came up to our apartment and flipped out and told us that we can shower with cold water because we're young guys!  The funny thing is they were the ones to tell us to buy it...HAHA!  We had to return it.  So every night we started to drain the hot water out of the tank so that no one had it. That way people will start to complain to the landlord.  

The Diaz family got married last Friday in the chapel! It was so great to see them make this commitment.  We need to put a date for baptism but we feel like they don't take being a member of the church really serious.  So we need to make sure.  

We had a really sweet spiritual lesson with Wilder & Yohana.  We talked about the Holy Ghost and marriage.  We explained that they have received answers and that the Holy Ghost is there guiding them.  It was so amazing to feel the spirit as they realized they do have answers.  Elder Gonzales shares his testimony about putting the Lord first and ALL will be okay.  Like it says in Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kindgom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." So we challenged them to pray about getting married and putting God first.  The spirit was there and I know they'll make the right decision.

Reflection of the week:  I know that putting the Lord first here in the mission has made me a happier person.  It has strengthened my testimony and made me realize what's important in our lives. If we put the Lord first ALL of the temporal things in life will be okay and we will be happier and more blessed. I love preaching this gospel and seeing lives changed! Even though it was a tough week and a bunch of people failed us and being kept awake by the concert outside I still love it here! #doitforjesus

Elder Moss, The Diaz Family & Elder Gonzales - Mantaro, Peru - August 2016

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