Monday, August 15, 2016

The Ward is Changing...

Holy cow.....August is flying.....I can't believe it.  Weeks are feeling like days to me.  That's great but also scares me because I love being a missionary.  We had a good, solid week. President Silva had leadership council this last week with the ZL's.  In the meeting they talk about what's going on in the mission and they receive new council to pass along.  President is implementing a new rule that 4 out of the 6 P-Days, in a transfer period, you have to spend with your companion, 1 day can be with your zone and the other day can be spent with your district.  Another thing that is changing is our names of our areas.  So instead of the Mantaro zone, President wants us to come up with names from the BOM. I have a feeling that all the missionaries will still call there zones what they've been known by because everyone will know what they're talking about.

P-day's are not my favorite....I'd rather be busy.  We did get together and cook food and that's always fun to be with the other missionaries.  That night we did have a great lesson with the Parraga family. They have 4 kids and their oldest son, Tony, is a professional motocross rider.  They have such a nice house.  Seeing a nice house in Peru is jaw dropping.  We taught them lesson 1 and the kids were so interested and we had such a great time teaching them.

Tuesday we went contacting all morning.  We did get 2 new investigators out of it their names are   Tredi and Jonet.  We introduced ourselves and talked for awhile.  They are basketball coaches and they were asking me all about bball.  They are Catholic and have 2 kids. We also taught the Zenteno family the Plan of Salvation and they really understood it and enjoyed it.  Explaining about Adam and Eve is one of my favorite things because it's so surprising to everyone here.  The churches here do a good amount of polluting their minds.

Wednesday we taught a cool family that Sussy (our pension) gave us, the Nunez family. We taught Sara, the mom, Yampol, the 19 year old son, and Cindy, the daughter.  We were able to teach them all of lesson 1.  The way they paid attention and asked questions was the greatest thing to see and experience.  You could definitely feel the spirit and I know they felt it too.  Usually when you teach lesson 1 here it just doesn't sink in real deep. So we came back Friday and taught them again and we put a date for baptism for them for Sept 10th. They're excited and the person who is most excited is Yampol. He and his mom came to church Sunday and they enjoyed it. An RM in our ward who went to Brazil befriended Yampol and hung out with him all Sunday. So Yampol is excited!

Sunday we had 13 investigators come to church. That's just nuts! Wilder and Yohana came to church and they enjoyed it because they're making friends in the ward too. The Villanera and Diaz family came as well. The ward here is changing and classes and things have improved a lot. Attendance has gone up. I feel like this area is booming now with solid activity and we are on the verge of seeing these investigators come into the waters of baptism.

Funny story on we went to get copies of our progress report and I went to pay the old lady who was doing the copies for us. She starts saying, "I hope you guys accept Jesus in your lives" and then she continues, "Joseph Smith is in hell!" and then rambled on about how we are all going to hell and I need to read the bible, etc. Then, she says, "Joseph Smith is in hell with that guy that dances"...I had no idea what she meant so after a couple of attempts to figure her out I said "You mean Michael Jackson?" and she said "YES!" Oh man, I was dying laughing after! But we tried to talk to her and she just kept wanting us to repeat some prayer. You can't make this stuff up!

I heard that Luis (who was baptized when I was in La Oroya) is preparing to serve a mission. He's working on his mission paperwork!

Reflection of The Week:  
After we went to church on Sunday I realized what a blessing it has been to see this ward change and make good friends with the members. Seeing 13 investigators in church yesterday was amazing! Seeing the investigators make their own friends in the ward and seeing our ward love them is great. It might be a lot of time for me in this one area but I am enjoying it and every week we are finding new people to teach. I've enjoyed it here and feel somewhat at home! Love you all! Oh yeah, we made BBQ chicken pizza on Sunday with our pension and it tasted like HOOOOME! #doitforjesus

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