Monday, August 22, 2016

Mad Dogs & Serving The Lord

Hola family....How are you all?  This week was just an average one.  Monday we did get permission to leave our area and go downtown to buy some items that we needed.  And we were also able to do some things with our zone.  President Silva has made some changes that we all have to adjust to. He wants us to limit the time we spend with our zones and other missionaries on P-Day.  It's definitely something that we are not use to but I know that we need to be obedient to the rules.

We did get a surprise visit from our ZLs, Elder Turin & Molina,  to check on our room....LOL. Our room is usually clean so we were ready for them. They are some of my favorite ZLs, they're hilarious!

This week was a lot of failed appointments. Peruvians love to dodge us! So we realized early on this week that we'd be doing a lot of contacting and then probably having to make the hard call on dropping a few investigators. Sometimes you feel like you have a great week and you find people and teach people and then boom, the next week you have no one. But we did get to go visit Yampol and his mom...they are super prepared and awesome and we always feel the spirit when we are with them. His mom was able to make it to our appointment this Friday and she came and listened and in the beginning of our discussion she started crying. We found out that her boyfriend/husband (they are not married just like the other 98% of Peruvians) was mad because she was listening to us. She told us though that it is all worth it because she feels something different when she reads and attends church and is with the missionaries. She told us she knows this is something special. We testified to them of the truth and it was great. Yampol is excited to get baptized and have the priesthood. He's 19 and already has a bunch of friends at church. This honestly is probably why I am still here in Mantaro...because we have found some people that I really have connected with and the spirit is always there. We've fasted and prayed for them and they are progressing very well. 

Yampol and Sava made it to church along with the other 8 investigators that came! The area is doing great and growing. This week we will be doing lots of contacting and finding some new people to teach. The Villanera family is doing great and they are starting to see prayers answered! The Diaz family gets married on Friday so we will go to that. David (the guy who has been sick for a year) is realizing this is the true church and he's changing. I love talking to him because we always get into deep talks and I love it. 

The ward is supporting us more. There are lots of things the bishop needs to fix in the ward and we are trying to help him. One thing...everyone here asks the bishop for money so the bishop has to deal with that but yeah that is Huancayo. The people have Xbox and Smart TVs but they need money for important stuff. Kinda crazy but we do the best we can to love them. 

Reflection of the week:  I have been thinking about how its been tough for us trying to adjust to the mission president change. Before it was a little frustrating to me not leaving the area last transfer. But after this week I've seen the reason why (the people) and I've realized that he is a servant of God and what he says and changes is inspired. If we deny that then we are just denying the Lord, so for me it has been a lot of humbling and asking for help to accept the changes. I've gotten over not moving and I do love President Silva and I hope to get to know him better. He's doing his best and we need to be there to support him. 

So lastly, a couple of funny stories about dogs...first, not really funny but I got bit by a dog while I was trying to play with him. He bit me so I hit him back and he yelped! And then, on Sunday at church during sacrament meeting a dog got inside the chapel and started running around and the usher was chasing him trying to catch him! And if that wasn't enough then the power went out and so everyone was yelling over the pulpit...that is Peru! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Mantaro Sunset

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