Monday, February 20, 2017

Elder Montoya's Visit

Hi family! It has been raining a bit lately but I love the weather here in is perfect! So this week was great but lots of traveling. It was all worth it though in the end. Monday we had P-Day with our district and basically played board games which was fun but P-Days aren't what they used to be. Tuesday we taught a new convert named Rosario. She is the wife of an RM in our ward. They're a great couple, really funny. They remind me of Ben and Marianne! They're hilarious! On Tuesday we also had to get stuff ready for the multi-zone meeting with Elder Montoya. We met with Elder Montoya of the Seventy all Wednesday morning and it was so cool to listen to him. The training we received from Elder Montoya was unreal. He has such a huge testimony and it made me reflect a lot on what is left for me as I finish my mission. He talked about how he had his first testimony of Christ as a missionary himself and what an impact that had on him. He said he's never been the same since. I really connected with this part of his testimony because it is so true...when we see the influence of the Lord in our lives then after we are not the same. I have seen the same thing in myself in my mission. I am so grateful for what I feel and how I feel out here in the mission field. So many changes in me that will shape me forever. I want to finish working hard and with as strong of a testimony as possible. This past Saturday I decided to fast for this to ask the Lord to help me with remaining committed to the work and to doing all I can to deepen my conversion. I felt prompted to read my Patriarchal blessing to find the strength and inspiration I need. 

Tuesday was sad because we sent Bryan (our pension's son) off to Lima. He's trying to get a visa so he can come to the States and go to school. I got to play b-ball with him on Monday one last time. It was sad to see him off because I might not see him again. He was one of my best friends here in the mission. Saying goodbye to him made me realize how hard it will be to say goodbye to the people of Peru when I come home. I love Bryan and his family so much.

So then on Thursday we traveled to Huancayo for more leadership training from Elder Montoya and that was very cool as well. I love President Silva and feel that my testimony has grown so much because of him. He's fiercely obedient and committed to the gospel and he's been a great example to me. 

Sounds like Emily, Nick and Sarah are doing great! I can't wait to see Emily play basketball when I come home. I am so glad for Nick that he's got such a great group of friends and is having a blast with his buddies. The best decision I made was to go to Jordan my Senior year. Thanks Mom and Dad for your support on that. I will never forget the experiences I had there and the great friends I made. I loved every second of it!

So regarding the work...well, in between training and traveling we met with the Ponce family again...all of the ladies! They all read the things we asked them to in the Book of Mormon last week! They are awesome and excited to learn about the true church on the earth today. We taught them Lesson 1 and they had a ton of questions and it was pretty funny to hear all of their comments and questions! I love finding new people and I believe in the contacting challenge and goal we have set 100%. I know it is the most effective method for our mission and the type of areas we are in. Christian is great and so is Angelo. These two are progressing the most and they both came to church on Sunday which is great. Amazing how the work moved along this week even though we had a lot going on with Elder Montoya's visit. 

Reflection of the week: I realized on Sunday during church how blessed I have been to have been raised in the gospel. We were in Elder's quorum class and were reading the manual and it is a real struggle here because these people are truly pioneers and this is so new to them. It is tough and it makes me sad because I love them so much and I hope they'll keep pushing forward with faith because the gospel is the greatest thing in the world. It can heal us and make us happy! I love it out here and I know that I have a little time left and need to use it wisely and stay committed to the work. I love you all! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Elder Moss, Elder Christensen, Elder Guerrero & Elder Islas

Elder Moss, Elder Campbell, Elder Walker, Elder Ramirez, Elder Christensen

Saying goodbye to Bryan (our pension's son)

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