Monday, February 27, 2017

Only 3 Transfers Left!

Transfers this week....Elder Guerrero and I are staying in Huanaco. Next transfer Elder Guerrero will be going home. All the missionaries in our zone are now basically training. We have had a lot of new missionaries enter the field and many came to our zone. Sounds like home is great! I can't wait to get home and see my brother and sisters. I have missed them so much. Being out 
here makes me realize how much I love my family. 

We had a great week! Tuesday I was able to do divisions with Elder Albuqueque. We didn't have a single appt that day so we just knocked doors. We contacted a whole street and got 3 return appts set up. For the most part people are friendly. It's always sad when they reject us but my goal is to walk away laughing or smiling knowing that we are one door closer to someone who will accept us. 

Wednesday I went to Cayhuayna. Sadly all the appts failed us. So we decided to try contacting. Also I was able to see Elder Ryan contact and see how much he has progressed as a missionary. He's a great kid and I like being with him! 

Christian is planning to get married on March 25th. Jordy and Jefferson's mom is also going to get married and baptized. We promised her that if she prayed and truly had the desire to keep the commandments (law of chastity) that the Lord would help her. Turns out she received her answer and knows what she needs to do. Neyra is getting back and she has been keeping up on her BOM reading. We are really excited to see her.

With each transfer I learn something new about myself. My desire to work has been strengthened and doing the Lord's work is amazing. I feel like I've been able to take everything that I have learned so far on my mission and use it to help me be the most effective missionary that I can. The Lord has blessed me with energy to work. I don't want to lose a second. 

Reflection of the week: Thank you mom and dad for your letters. I truly feel the spirit when I read them and they have been such a blessing to me on my mission. Crazy to think I have 4 months left. I believe that there are still chosen people out here for me to find and we just have to keep looking for them. I have loved my mission so much and I'm going to miss it so much. It's hard to explain every single lesson that I have learned out here. But I feel one of the most important things that I have discovered is true happiness and joy. I've learned that attitude is so important in this work. I feel such a change in my heart...I love this gospel and the things I have learned. Thank you for all of your love and support. #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

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