Monday, March 27, 2017

Cristian Got Married & Baptized!

What's up family?! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! So it was actually a good week this week! First, we got everything setup for Christian's wedding and we got them married on Saturday. So after the marriage was signed then we started working on the baptism because Christian got baptized tight after he was married! He was very excited! I've been able to see a big change in him honestly. He's doing great! 

So lately we've been doing a lot of service and that's been fun helping people out. This week we helped knock down a wall at a member's house so he can add on to his house. His name is Carlos and he's the husband of a recent convert. He's hilarious! We were knocking down this wall and tearing up the patio and as we started tearing up the patio we lifted up a huge piece of cement and these huge spiders as big as your hand and other bugs started crawling out. So we started killing them so they wouldn't get into the house! So Carlos had this metal mallet in his hand and I went to kill this spider with my foot and well Carlos landed the mallet right on my big toe! But I'm good. I limped around for like three days and my toenail is black and it will probably fall off. But it was all worth it because we got a reference out of it...a friend of Carlos' wanted to know about baptism so we got to talk to him. 

Saturday we got to meet Gina, Adilina and Neyra to the Women's conference at the church building. They loved it! This was truly an answer to our prayers! Things are going very well with the Munoz family and they are understanding more and more. They truly enjoyed the conference and are excited for this coming weekend of conference!

So this week we actually found a good amount of new people that are truly interested in the church. One of them is Neyra's sister who came to church this Sunday and loved it! Neyra is the greatest. Since first teaching her I've seen a change in her. She's a lot happier and outgoing and loves to hear more about the gospel. She's received a bunch of answers from God and her one doubt is the BOM. So we invited her to pray and pray and she told us Sunday that the Women's conference the day before truly hit her and she feels she needs to be baptized! So we are HOPING that this will happen next week. 

Reflection of the week: I know Neyra is going to get baptized! She is so ready and I have just seen a big change in her. I think it was Elder Oaks that said you can see when the atonement has worked in one's life through their face and the "radiant light" that comes from them. I've seen that in myself and in Neyra and in many people here in Peru. We can truly become happy as children of God if we desire it and see it. It is possible. I feel as if the experiences I am having are truly going to prepare me to take bigger decisions in my life. It is so true. I have seen a growth in my spirituality and I feel my willingness to be obedient to the Spirit grow the more I obey the promptings I receive. I love you all! Keep praying for us! Elder G. is down to like 11 that's crazy! #doitforjesus #noregrets


Elder Moss

Cristian's Wedding

Elder Moss, Cristian & Elder Guerrero

Cutting Hair!

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