Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lord is Guiding This Work

What's up family? It's Sunday night and well we had some really cool experiences this past week. So, we traveled back from Huancayo with President in his car, which was really cool. President Silva is really cool and knows a lot so I got to talk to him for the whole ride. The Assistants stayed with us in our apartment for about three days which was really cool. 

Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference with training from President and the Assistants. President talked a lot about faith and how we as missionaries ought to literally imagine our goals, people, the lessons we teach, all of that. We should be visualizing our investigators getting baptized and depending upon ourselves for the working part but then leaving it to God and depending upon him to get it done. This got me really excited to be able to push through and truly imagine finding people to teach and baptize! 

So, on Thursday I did divisions with Elder Valarenzo. He's from Ecuador and is a great kid! We had a great time knocking like three blocks of doors and found a great guy named Fran. He let us right in his door and we taught him Lesson 1 and he said he was determined to pray about Joseph Smith. He is a very cool guy. He's like 26 years old and owns his own company so he's able to make his own schedule. The lesson we had was awesome and we were able to truly feel the Spirit. 

Friday we found a girl named Gracie that works in a place we call the "Tower of Babel" because it's a big casino that she works in. She was a contact from our efforts on Thursday. She's very cool and we taught her a bit about the gospel and she told us to come back later because we were teaching her on her doorstep. Then, we taught Neyra! She's back from being gone to Ecuador. She's going to get baptized this Saturday. We are waiting on her answer to her prayers but we have a lot of faith that she will come through. So we are very excited for that! Pray for her to be able to receive her answer!

So this week was solid, honestly! It has been great and I've been trusting in the Lord a lot with the Spirit. The Spirit has truly been with me all week to guide me to people that we needed to find.Thursday with Elder Valarezo really started everything and we started out with a good place and then I was able to transfer that over to the rest of the week! The more I knocked doors and talked to people the more I believe in contacting. The Lord truly prepares people we just HAVE to open our mouths as it says in D&C 60:2-3..."But with some I am not well pleased, for they will not open their mouths , but they hide the talent which I have given unto them, because of the fear of man. Wo unto such, for mine anger is kindled against them. And it shall come to pass, if they are not more faithful unto me, it shall be taken away, even that which they have."

Reflection of the Week: The Lord is truly preparing people for us. So Sunday night we had absolutely nothing. Everyone failed us. We were walking around with our Ward Mission leader Emilio looking for backup plans. So we passed a door and I kept looking back at it and I felt like I had to knock it. Emilio and my companion were farther back. So I knocked it and they look at me like I was crazy! So we waited and a middle-aged lady named Gina answered. She told us she had been watching the BYU channel in the morning about Joseph Smith and so we said "Perfect!" and asked if we could come inside her house. She let us in and we met with her and her two sisters that were a little older. They had talked about how they had been searching for prophets and apostles. So we taught them Lesson 1 and Emilio was all animated! It was a way cool lesson and they accepted the invitation to church and a return appointment. Experiences like that always cause me to sit and truly think a lot afterwards. I see that if I wouldn't have listened to the Spirit I would never have found Gina and her two sisters. And they wouldn't have heard from the missionaries for a long time if I didn't do what the Spirit told me to do. The Lord prepared them in the morning while thy were watching TV and this has to be one of the coolest contacts I have had. It teaches me to obey the Spirit and not fear man. Again, D&C 60: 2-3 is the scripture that runs through my head! I love it!  I love you all! Pray for us and the area too! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Hang Loose in Huanuco - March 2017

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