Thursday, September 10, 2015


Jake has arrived to his mission in Huancayo, Peru. He left the CCM in Lima around 2:00 AM on Tuesday morning. He had training at President Henderson's home on Tuesday and Wednesday. We heard from him Tuesday night...just a few lines in an email below and that's it. Other than that, we received the letter below from his mission president. From other parents we've learned that Huancavelica is a mining town in the Andes mountains of Peru. It's one of the poorest cities in all of Peru. It sits at about 12,000 feet above sea level. Hopefully, we'll get more from Jake on Monday next week on his P-Day.

Hey guys I'm here! I love it here and my area is a small area with a small branch and apparently it is a struggle so we will see how it goes! My spanish has improved lots and my understanding is getting better and better! I have a smile and no nerves and I'm ready to dive into the work of the Lord. This place is awesome and I already love the people. My comp is an american. So excited to meet him tomorrow! I love you all and I have the spirit with me and I'm not one bit worried. I can feel your prayers and I am so excited! The church is true and I love it! I love you GUYS!!!! :)

Jake in the Ugly Brown Tie (a handed-down tradition) - CCM 2015

Desposorio & Moss - CCM Companions 2015

Left To Right - Hale, Unknown, Rust, Parkinson, Moss - CCM September 2015

Elder Moss & Elder Desposorio - CCM Companions 2015

September 10, 2015

Dear Moss Family:

We want to let you know that Elder Moss arrived safe and sound here in the PerĂº Huancayo Mission.  We are grateful to have him here!   He and the other 12 new missionaries arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and we oriented them that evening and for much of the day on Wednesday with their new companions.  Elder Moss  and his training companion then headed to their proselyting area in Huancavelica.

Thanks for letting Elder Moss come to our Mission.  We look forward to two good years together with your good son.

President David Y. Henderson

Peru Huancayo Mission

Huancavelica, Peru - Jake's First Area
Elder Moss & President & Hermana Henderson - September 2015

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