Monday, September 28, 2015

New Place To Live - With a Real Toilet!

Family & Friends - Jake is doing good. Jake and the other three Elders moved this past week into a new apartment with better amenities such as a flushing toilet! The new place is closer to the branch and to a more populated area of Huancavelica. He's been in Huancavelica for almost 3 weeks. He says the food isn't great so they eat a lot of snacks. Next week will be big because they are traveling to Huancayo to watch General Conference and he'll get the package we've sent to him. 

Hey FAMILIA! How are you all? I love you all and I love Peru! This place is great and I love being here and learning Spanish and teaching this gospel! So things that happened this week.  WE MOVED! WOOO! It is an awesome place, little smaller, but it isn't a cement box haha.  Only problem is there's a square hole in the wall so we plugged it up with a cut up pad hahahaha! So now we don't have a bunch of light coming into our room from the other apartments and there is less noise :). Next thing we did was create a patriotic american toilet haha! I sent the picture! It was elder Hardison's idea and it's my favorite thing haha! Oh and then next week we get to go to Huancayo for general conference and spend the weekend there! YAY.... CONFERENCE IN ENGLISH SO STOKED! Ah this week is going to fly by because we have 4 days in Huancayo and we are hiking to the coolest glacier in Huancayo on Monday! So I will be emailing later most likely. My Spanish is improving little by little! I have more confidence and my listening is getting better too! We are also learning quechua.... hahaha, we are trying but it is so hard! It literally sounds like a demonic language you guys! Aw anyways this week has been awesome and it feels like home and I feel all your guys prayers.

Now for the work.. last 2 days have been rough.. we had one lesson! They all fell through and they were set appointments.. ahhh!  We have been trying to work with everyone here and let them know this is the Lord's time they are wasting.  We've had to drop a couple investigators.... Peruvians are AWESOME liars haha! But I love them! We are teaching a family called the Velasquez family.  The dad and the daughter were recently baptized, but his wife and other daughter aren't. They have been attending the church activities and church too! When we teach them it's crazy to see how happy they are when only 2 of them are baptized and following the example of Christ..... IMAGINE all of them,! It makes me so happy to see how happy they are! They are such a great family and they struggle at times with money but they have faith and know the lord will help us if we follow him! Cause HE WILL I promise you all that! :) 

Reflection of the week: I have been finishing the Book of Mormon and I was reading in 3 nephi 11:41 today. Jesus has come to the americas and he is telling the Nephite's to go and take his words to the ends of the earth. That is missionary work, and I related that to me and every other missionary that is serving.  We really are carrying the words of Christ and asking people to come unto him and follow his commandments. I love being apart of this work even though the people are frustrating at times here.... but I love it and the people. This has been the best thing I have done and I love IT! I love you all and miss you all. Ciao Ciao:-)

PD Fun!

Moving Day to a smaller but better place!

Inside the new apartment. Jake's lucky to share a place with Elder Rasmussen, Daza and Hardison. 

Patriotic Toilet.....the things missionaries do for entertainment! Looks like they need a mom to clean it.

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