Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spiritual & Adventurous Weekend in Huancayo

Jake sent us a letter today. They got back to Huancavelica yesterday after visiting Huancayo for General Conference. It sounds like they had a good trip, except for the fact that Jake got pretty sick. He's in good spirits and he says he's all better now.

Hola familia! How are you all? How was conference?  Conference was awesome but it also was not so good for me.  We left Friday for Huancayo with our driver Michael, he loves us haha, and we arrived around 10 and had interviews with president. President Henderson is so cool! I love that guy and he trusts me and the 3 others in HCVA a lot with our area! We talked for 35 minutes about everything..... it was so great! And then later we worked that night with the other elders in the area.  Saturday we watched conference in the stake center. We watched it in english with all the gringos in the kitchen haha.... it was great! 

Reflection of the week:  I loved Uchtdorf's talk and how he mentioned,"Exaltation is our goal, Discipleship is our journey"..... that is so true! And that is what I am doing here in Peru.  I'm hear to teach the people how to become true disciples of Christ. We are helping our investigator Kayta to try and understand this. She has a date of the 21st of October for baptism. She loves the gospel and is interested but she doesn't read or pray. She wants eternal life and happiness but she has to be a disciple of christ. We must all be disciples of Christ and follow what the prophets say and what we are supposed to do. I know that we can obtain exaltation and eternal happiness through our own effort. So we taught Katya it takes our effort and time to achieve happiness and help in our lives. We must be a disciple and make time for the lord in our lives. I love this gospel so much and  conference was great! :)

Anyways back to the schedule haha.. We then went out for lunch, came back for the afternoon session which was awesome, went out to eat again and then we came back for priesthood in the kitchen. WOW... priesthood was great from what I heard as my head was in my lap and I was in pain. I had the worst stomach pain! I couldn't pay attention and gosh it was awful! I thought I had a strong stomach.. apparently not.. I headed to the bathroom after the session and yeah my not so great weekend started... bum bum bum. I didn't sleep well and I felt just weak the next day. But we watched the morning session and I felt decent. The office called us and said president wanted all of HCVA and Pampas area missionaries over to eat and watch the last session. WE GOT TO EAT with president and the office and enjoy conference on a couch! GREATEST thing ever! I loved it and frankly I didn't care if I was sick... I ate REAL food! AHH! Overall conference was awesome and I was so amped to get back to work. I  love HCVA and miss working.  Monday we went to Huaytapallana..... So cool! Hardest hike ever to 17,000 feet! It was so cool and it took forever but I made a lot of good friends with the office and the pampas area elders! We had a great time and I will send pics next week! I hiked it weak and sick but today I'm feeling better! I love you all and love your prayers! The work is picking up and we are working hard and my spanish is improving little by little but when the lord wants it to come.... it"ll come. I love this decision I have made to serve a mission! I love you all and this gospel! And thank you so much for the package!! Everyone was jealous and I love you all especially my parents! :) keep them coming :) ! love you all :)

Questions....Answer time:

How long was the ride from Huancavelica to Huancayo? It was a 3 hour drive with lots of wind
What's your branch like? Our branch is very young.  Our branch President is very young but always to willing to help us. We love him so much. Besides the help from branch President and 2 other members, finding leads is challenging.
How many people are you teaching? We have 8 investigators. 4 with baptismal dates....Mariella, Kayta, Frank and Nadya.
How is the food?  Not so good, especially after getting sick.....nothing sounds good!

Hike to Huaytapallana Glacier.....17,000 ft

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