Monday, October 12, 2015

"No Elder, It's Not Chewing Gum, It's Alpaca!"

Jake wrote to us again from Huancayo. He and the other three elders from Huancavelica are visiting Huancayo for Zone conference this week. They'll be traveling back to their area tomorrow. He's doing great. They have several dates set for baptisms with investigators and it seems that their teaching pool is pretty good size for the area. No pictures this week of our missionary but we hope to get some soon. We miss him and hope he doesn't expect us to have Alpaca meat on hand when he gets home.

Hoy como esta mi familia? I miss you all lots! This week was awesome and after I wrote you guys last Tuesday we headed back to HVCA and well now we are back in Huancayo for a zone conference. We definitley like HVCA so much better! This week I finished The Book of Mormon and now I'm starting it in spanish....and I actually understand it somehow! Ahhh my Spanish is growing but only for lessons haha...but that's all that matters though! I actually taught a lesson all on my own basically! We are teaching a women named Jessica. She wants to get baptized. Her daughter and her are the only ones left in her family that need to be baptized and we are trying to complete her family. I had the opportunity to teach the word of wisdom to her and try to help her realize that chewing cocoa leaves is bad. They like that a lot here and it destroys their teeth!  I helped her to realize the blessings of keeping the word of wisdom.  She committed and her baptismal date is the 25th.... she is awesome and excited!! This is the last week of the change and it was so quick! Elder Hardison leaves next week and is ready haha, but hopefully we'll get a good elder to replace him! Nothing crazy happened this week except that I finally feel better! Guys my stomach will never be the same, haha, it definitely gets queasy at times.  Me and my comp tried alpaca meat.. haha don't eat it! Its like chewing gum! It was horrible but funny!!

Reflection of the week was during testimony meeting on Sunday.  One of the less actives we are teaching is named Lilianna. Her daughter, Michelle, got baptized a month ago. She is an awesome lady, single mother, with another kid named Aldried she is 4 years old. Lilianna got up and bore her testimony about how the elders have influenced her to become a better person and come back to church. She has been coming for 3 weeks straight. One of the things that happened that influenced this was her niece, Rocio, who we have also been teaching along with her, had a friend that committed suicide. This happened 2 weeks ago and we went over and taught about the plan of salvation and how their friend is there and not gone and that we have purposes on earth and in the after life. We also gave her a blessing. Lilianna talked about how this influenced her to bring her family back to church and to live the gospel. She loves it and she loves her family so much and wants to be with them forever. So she has decided to except a calling in the branch and return. She is awesome! It really touched me to realize that I am here for less actives, my comp, my family, investigators and for myself. I am realizing more and more these people need my help and that they can be blessed with the gospel. We can all live together again and be happy. I love it so much! I love Peru and the people!  I love you all so much too! I miss you all too! ciao :)

No, I'm not a muppet..I'm Alpaca (Jake's Dinner)

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