Monday, October 26, 2015

Power Outage

Here's the latest from Jake. We had to break the bad news to him that we had some real First World problems here on Saturday night with the Utes losing a football game to the Trojans. Amazingly, he was able to one-up us with a story about a power failure right before Stake Conference was supposed to begin. He seems to be happy and healthy...and still a Ute fan!


Hey fam whats up? How are you all? I'm missing you all but things are great here even though it has rained almost everyday and we are get soaking wet. We just keep working and trekking on through! This week we got a new elder, he is the DL, his name is Mendoza, awesome kid from Tumbas Peru. He is great and we love him and he works hard. We have been working hard all week.  Contacting has not been a success here though... so I decided, out of revelation:), to search the area book and try and find old investigators and less actives. The problem with this area is that it was apart of Lima east and it wasn't the best run mission in the world.  Their motto was "A baptism and a confirmation a week".  We have 400 records but yeah 50 attending.. so we are trying to find these people. We had a baptism on Saturday.....her name is JESSICA!  Her husband, William, baptized her and it was awesome! It was so cool to see that ordinance but we had to redo it 3 times but thats okay :).  Our searching for old investigators didn't result in much. But that night, 3 people showed up to the activity and we talked to them and turns out they want to investigate the church! They are a family of 3 and they had lots of fun at the karaoke activity! Peruvians go all out you guys haha it is so great! 

This Sunday we received a call telling us the power was going to go out all DAY! So I took my shower and got ready. We show up to church,  President isn't there.. no one from the council is there and we had brought investigators and less actives and I felt horrible. We were supposed to have a conference streamed in and we had no POWER! So president shows up with a generator and we got it to work finally by 1:00.  So we watched half of it. At 2:00 we only had like 16 people.. in the morning we had 62! That was a record for the last month! I felt great but at the same time I'm worried they won't come back. It was frustrating and hard not to freak out at our president because he didn't even tell us he wasn't going to be at church in the morning. Well that is the adventure of HVCA....the power randomly shuts off haha.. 

Reflection of the week:: I was reading in D&C 18: 13-15. These scriptures are talking about missionary work. And they talk about how great the joy is when we bring someone to repentance. It is the greatest joy! I shared this with Jessica because I was teaching her lesson 5 to prepare her for baptism on Saturday. She was able to understand my Spanish while the spirit worked through me. I testified to her that bringing people to repentance does bring happiness and joy. I have a joy and happiness out here in Peru doing the Lords work. Missionary work is the best work! And even though I can't speak what I want, I try to with my heart and through the spirit.  Bringing even one soul to repentance brings our Heavenly Father joy and us also. I love working out here and this gospel is so true you guys! I love it! I love you and miss you all so much! CIAO, CIAO:)

Jessica's Baptism - Baptized by her husband, William

Outside of the Huancavelica Branch Building
Inside Huancavelica Branch Building

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