Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to Elder Moss!

Jake sent us some great pictures of their hike up Huaytapallana glacier last week. He had a good birthday celebration and he's doing well. He loves his sleeping bag! He doesn't like the fact that he's missing the fun we are having at home with Utah football but says "it (his mission) is for a good cause". We couldn't agree more and if this is how the Utes will play with a son on a mission we'll be asking him and the rest of our kids to serve back to back missions for several years. Go JAKE and Go UTES! 

Hola family! How are you all? I miss you all lots! Transfers are over TOMORROW! We will be getting a new missionary on Wednesdsay to take Elder Hardison's place. The first few weeks felt like they went by slow but now things are picking up. I am ready to get out of training and ready to speak Spanish well! I am working hard everyday with that! Elder Hardison left so that was sad but I'm really glad I had the chance to know him! He taught me a lot and I will miss him. He was a very good leader and showed me by following the rules, blessings come. Hardison and I taught one lesson together in Lircay. We made a trip to Lircay on Thursday and we taught Aldrie, who's 17, and he wanted to get baptized from the start. We taught him lesson 1 and 3 and my spanish flowed and we could really feel the spirit. Aldrie accepted to get baptized and we are going to drive 3 hours every week on the worst road in Peru to teach him haha! I love the drive though.... it is so cool! Anyways Lircay is awesome and I found my favorite food finally! The ex pensionista there made us this stir fry stuff with chicken and LEGIT fries was so good and I love it! But other than that the food here is ehhhh it just makes me queasy!  

On Tuesday we had a zone conference and they celebrated my b-day.  I got cake to the face thanks to elder walker, and eggs and flour to the head.... it was a mess but too much fun!! And then Wednesday Jimmy and Richard, members, took us out to italian food it was so delicious!!   Then my less active family the, Villafuertes, celebrated my bday with me and I felt at home at the moment. They are awesome and loving but they didn't come to church this week ahh!!!  This morning we had to shower in cold water.. our shower head broke.. they are electric shower heads and they are so sketchy haha! It was hilarious with everyone showering.. hahahaha! :) Elder Daza is with us until his new comp arrives on Wednesday . Things are good here. My spanish is starting to work more and more.  My goal is by christmas to have a good understanding of it. 

Reflection of the week:  I have a scripture I found that I really loved. It's in Ecclesiastes 12:7 and it talks about how everything that god does is forever. This gospel is forever and our lives are forever. We need to make sure we do all that we can to be in line with the gospel standards and that we live with the gospel in our lives ALWAYS: I love the gospel so MUCH! :)  We are going to have eternal life, I know that for a fact by my heart and the testimony I have received. I love this place and I am going to try my best to bring these people the thing I love most. The more I sit in lessons and teach the more the spirit works through me. I love this place and I love the people even though they are a bit challenging at times. I miss you all and love you all lots! Ciao Ciao :)

President & Sister Henderson's House - General Conference October 2015

Elders Moss, Rasmussen, Hardison & Daza (Huancavelica October 2015)

The Valasquez Family

Hiking to Huaytapallana Glacier 17,000 Feet

Jake's Birthday Celebration - Happy 19th Birthday!

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