Monday, September 21, 2015

Next Up: Q&A With Elder Moss

Jake is doing great. He's with three other great Elders in Huancalevica and they're doing the Lord's work while trekking through the Andes. He uploaded about a dozen pictures and we chose the best ones to share here on the blog (see below).  

Hola familia! How are you all!?  This week flew by and I love this place more than anything! This is definitely one of the best places and I love this change I have made in my life! We had a baptism this week and we hiked in suits for an hour to a river and performed this baptism! It was so cool! And then on Friday we went to go visit a city called Lircay. They are 3 hours away on a dirt road through the Andes. It is unreal and the pictures i got were INCREDIBLE! Lircay has 150 members, but 10 of them attend! They are a family group now and the branch president has no idea what to do.. it is so sad. So we visit them 2 times a month and try to help them out. 

Reflection of the week: This week I saw myself improve in spanish....The gift of tongues is real! We teach a lot of lessons on the sabbath day haha.  We always catch members working or buying stuff on sundays and its sad.   WE WERE TEACHING A family, the Cunya family and we were explaining why the sacrament is important and that we need to attend church and respect Sunday.  So I had to explain in spanish about the sacrament and why we take it.  I went on for about 4 mins and answered the questions in SPANISH! I taught the lesson smoothly and they understood! It just came out! It was unreal! The Lord is really helping me. Through effort, patience, and faith we can have the lords help in our lives. It might take time but I have so much faith now and I know that through prayer I have improved in spanish and teaching. 

This week was great and I LOVE THIS place. There are times when I get discouraged but I think of the people I am blessing and I realize this is more than worth it. I love the people of Peru even though we are aliens to them haha. Church is pretty disorganized sometimes but thats okay... haha they call us up on the spot to speak! It is so funny, the 2nd counselor is this old guy and he always squints and trys to pronounce our names hahahah. Anyways I love it here and we are getting a new room! It is so nice! Its right in the center of the city and close and not out in EGYPT! AHH I love it here and these missionaries I am with! Its comforting knowing I am doing this along with all my friends and Zach. If they can do it I can :) I love Peru and serving the Lord :) Love you all and miss you! :)

We decided it was time to email Jake just a list of questions to see if he would actually answer them.  It seems like the only way to find out info is to be very specific with your missionary.

What is the weather like?  Weather is hot during the day
Do you have the correct clothing for the weather conditions? Yes, I do
Have you been able to stay warm at night? Yes, but the sleeping bag will help!
How do you guys get around? Walking only? We walk and take a taxi a lot.
What’s the latest with the people you are teaching? We are teaching less active and about 2 new investigators
Did Elder Walker visit you and how did that go? Yes, Elder Walker is awesome!
How’s it going with investigators? Teaching 2 new investigators
Are you able to take hot showers? Yes, we are able to!
What is Elder Rasmussen like? What other areas has he served in? Elder Rasmussen is great!
What time does Church start? 10:00 am
What do you guys have to do at Church each Sunday? We are called on to speak a lot haha...they aren't very organized.
Does your Pensionista cook you all three meals? What is the food like? Food is soup, bread and maybe rice and chicken if we are lucky haha
Have you had any sickness from altitude OR food? NO
What’s the dog situation? Any dog problems? Dogs are fine, we mess with them haha!
How’s sleeping at night? Sleeping is great and I love doing the Lords work!!

Hardison, Daza, Rasmussen, Walker, Moss - Huancalevica Sept 2015

Baptism in the mountains!

Baptism - in the concrete box behind everyone...

Hiking in a pinstripe suit!

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