Monday, September 14, 2015

Need More Info...

Jake was a little light on info this week. He told us that the internet cafe' they went to this morning had pretty bad internet service. So no pictures today. No editing here, this is all we got. Time for a list of questions to the missionary!

Here's Jake's letter:

Hola everyone! How are you all!? So we took a 10 hour bus ride though the Andes mountains, up to a peak that was about 14,500 ft and back down into Huancayo. We met at presidents house and we had food and talked and had interviews! He is such a cool guy and I love him! So he decided to send me to huancavelica with Elder Rasmussen. He is from Brigham City and his spanish is pretty good. So huancavelica has 400 members! It's crazy! But only 50-60 of them attend church ahhahah! So are job is to rescue the in-actives and baptize of course!

So we had a baptism this last Saturday with Michelle, she is 13 and she loves the gospel and she was so happy after! We baptized her in a concrete box filled with hose water haha..! But after her baptism her whole family has this happiness and now both of her little brothers want to get baptized! She is awesome and we love her! This place is a little different.. most of the people here speak the Incan language Quechua.. haha we always hear it from these old ladies called cholitas.  They always yell at us in it and call us stuff in Spanish haha! The people here stare at us all the TIME! It is so funny and we always say hi and point at them when they point at us haha!

My reflection of the week is prayer. The first couple days were unbelievably hard and I didn't understand why I was here and what I was doing. I prayed like every hour for time to go by, and it helped. It was hard but through prayer and fasting I feel at home and I love it here and the people. I love you all and I advise you to pray when you feel you can't win. It is still tough but I love it here and my comp and the people. I love you all and I can feel your prayers! :) ciao :)

Thanks to Jake's Aunt Julie and Google Earth we have a picture of the Branch location

Huancalevica on a clear & sunny day!

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