Monday, May 2, 2016

High On a Mountain Top!

Hi Family! How are you all? Things are great in Mantaro! I love it here and time is really flying. This was a good week.  Monday we went and climbed to Huaytupallana was so amazing! You start out at 14,500 ft and get to like 16,500 ft.  We took a bus from Huancayo to the little village up there and hiked all the way up! It was a beautiful day and I was able to take some incredible pictures. Two zones went on the hike and we were all really tired after that! The weather is changing here. It doesn't that's a plus! It's cold in the mornings and hot during the day and night.  A lot different than my other areas.  Elder Cornilles and I are doing good. Tuesday he got sick again..haha! So I read all day. I've been really focusing on the BOM and WOW....I love this book! It reminds me of the the truth of Christ and his life. I know that Joseph Smith truly translated this work of God.  We were able to get in 2 visits on Tuesday even though Cornilles wasn't feeling well. We visited my favorite less active, Jorge.  He's awesome and is almost rescued. We talked about enduring to the end and he told us that he's never going to give up on the church again! Wednesday we visited an old investigator Kory...she's been a long-time investigator and knows a lot of Elders. But she knows a lot about the church and should be a member. From there we visited Heli and his two sons. It was awesome! We showed them two videos on Christ and then told them our gospel is about Christ and his love for them. It really invited the spirit to talk about the Restoration. We hope they progress because they are golden. Heli said there should only one true church and we agreed! Thursday I did divisions with Elder Islas...he's the happiest Elder. We had a good day and he taught me some good things about how to contact people better. Friday we taught a cool less active named John and his wife. John worked in Idaho for five years and has visited seven temples including the SL temple. He has the Melchizedek priesthood but he can't come to church on Sunday's because he works. But we taught his wife, who isn't a member. So we are really excited about them! Saturday wasn't the greatest but full of laughs. Sunday we had a good Fast Sunday and taught four new people. The area is getting better slowly but I'm determined to find more people to teach. We knocked a good amount of doors this week. Numbers are improving and we are finding new people. Friday Islas and I went running for what we intended to be 20 minutes but 10 minutes into the run Islas was tired so we stopped and went back home! Ha ha! He's my favorite Elder...he's from Mexico. 

I've been reading The Challenge book that Dad sent to me by Alvin Dyer and it has been pushing me to have the confidence to testify and put myself out there and really trust in the Lord. Because this is the Lord's work and we are his instruments to carry out the work. We just have to trust in him. So that is what I have been learning and I will put it to work this week. 

Reflection of the Week: I found a great scripture in Jacob as I was looking back in the Book of Mormon. In Jacob 1:19 it tells us how we should magnify our calling and if we don't the sins or transgressions of others is on our head. I like that scripture because it makes me think back on the day or the week and I ask myself:

"Did I magnify my calling as an Elder?"
"Did I talk to as many people as I could have?"
"Did I testify with conviction and the spirit to that person?"

I think all of us can magnify our calling in the church or as a member. We should always look back and ask ourselves if we are magnifying our calling.  Love you all! #doitforjesus

Elder Moss

A Meal at The Pensionista's House
Laguna Cochagrande
Huaytapallana  Glacier - 16,500 Feet
Huaytapallana  Glacier - 16,500 Feet

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