Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm a "Father"

Well hey Family!   A lot of things have changed here.  I'll get to those changes in a bit. Monday Elder Cornilles and I cleaned the room. Because there is so much cement, it creates a lot of dust.  The landlord still needs to finish the house.  The bathroom still needs a window and a door.  We have a shower curtain for a door.  The water has been annoying and it will randomly shut off because the landlord is using it below.  Monday we went around the center and bought things. As a zone we went to someones pension and she made this awesome Ravioli.  I had three plates....it was the greatest thing in the world! I had to enjoy it since food options are limited here.  On Tuesday Elder Cornilles and I were studying and the phone rings and its Pres. Henderson.  I answered and he wanted to talk to Cornilles. After he was done talking he handed the phone to me and Pres. said. "Elder Moss do you want the bad news or the good news?" I told him the bad news....why not.  The bad news is that you have to train and the good news is you get rid of Cornilles...haha! Elder Cornilles is going to the office to be the financial clerk.  We decided to go get haircuts before transfers.....bad idea!  We went to a new place I told the lady to barely trim the top. She wanted to charge me 7 soles.  I told her 5 soles since you're only doing a trim. I think that made her mad and she decided to butcher the top. Good thing hair grows back! Wednesday we headed to the mission office for transfers and training.  Pres. Henderson talked to all the missionaries who would be training and told us that this is a big responsibility. I feel like I'm up for the challenge of teaching.  My new companion is Elder Gonzales.  He is 23 years old and is from Cochabamba, Bolivia.  I'm excited for the opportunity to train him. His teaching is good and he wants to work hard and isn't afraid.  He's really quiet.  I hope I can get him to laugh and have some fun while he's with me. Thursday we taught a good lesson to Jose and Elva on the Sabbath Day. They finally understood. You could really feel the spirit when we read from the BOM.  We also had district meeting on Thursday. Friday we had a multi-zone with President Henderson. It was so fun to see everyone. President talked about sickness here. There are a lot of health myths here. Peruvians think if you drink milk and eat an orange or something with citrus you're going to get sick. If you drink something hot and then something cold you'll get sick.  President completely defied it all. My pension will tell me all the time not to do things because I'll get sick.  Lots of weird myths here. Saturday we had to do some planning and also started working on the 12 week training that Elder Gonzales will go through. Sunday Jose came to church....so great!  Ryumi, her sister Cory and Jose came to church also. Izumi didn't come. I think he might fall through.  We taught him a lesson about tithing and he accepted it and said he would pay tithing. But he struggles with drinking with his friends.  He says he doesn't even like it but he does it because his friends drink. There baptisms keep getting pushed back.  Sunday we had 130 people attend church.  

A lot of knocking on doors and lots of slammed doors this last week. That won't stop me from working hard...I have this strong desire to find new people.  I know that I have to keep going.  I think we had 2 good contacts out of the 50 doors we knocked on. Please pray for this area.  We had a good meeting with the members on Sunday.  We asked for there help with references.  Pray that the members will be able to give us referrals.  

Reflection of the week:  Mosiah 2:34 " I say unto you, that there are not any among you, except it be your little children that have not been taught concerning these things, but what knoweth that ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are...."
We truly are indebted to our Heavenly Father. We owe him all. I love him and his son, Jesus Christ, and his work.  It's so great to be out here dedicating my time. I'm so happy and I testify that doing what God wants us to do brings us unlimited blessings.  I love you all so much! #doitforjesus

Elder Moss

Elder Moss & Elder Gonzales
Elder Cornilles, Oscar (good friend and member who served a mission in Mexico), Elder Moss
Son of Jakes Pension....Jake says he reminds him of Riley (his cousin)

Multi-zone conference....Jake looks like a giant! 
Elder Ramirez and Elder Moss

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