Monday, May 9, 2016

Only ONE more Mother's Day!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the best mom in the world! Mom I love you so much and I wish I had time to thank your for everything.  But the one thing I am so grateful for is how you taught me to be happy.....that I had so many reason to be happy.  You told me to look for that within myself and I found it and I'm so thankful for your example and help. I love you mom so much!

Hola Family!  We played soccer.....again....for P-day.  I really wish we could play basketball. I miss playing it a lot! On Monday we also taught a cool investigator named Mariella.  She is a wife of a less active who lived in Utah.  She is awesome and asked some great questions while we were teaching her about the Restoration. While I was teaching her I felt the spirit so strongly and the Spirit helped me answer her questions and testify to her that this is Christ's church. Please pray for Mariella that she will come to church.  Tuesday we had district meeting and I gave a training to the missionaries on "Trusting in the Spirit and relying on the Lord".  In the training I shared a great scripture in D&C 31:11. It reads  " Go your way withersoever I will, and it shall be given you by the Comforter what you shall do and whither you shall go".  If we rely and trust in the comforter, it will help give us direction in our lives. 

Elder Cornilles and I had a good time this week as we were trying to get rid of his old, infested bed bug mattress.  We had put it up onto the roof to get it out of our apartment. It was way too heavy to carry it down the stairs so we might have just pushed it off the roof! Dragged it over to the junkyard and someone took it. That was fun! 

Kind of a slow week. We had zone conference on Saturday and then we had to help out with a baptism. But it was a good week of lessons and we taught Izumi and Ryumi who are doing good. They need to come to church and that's the big challenge with them right now. We've been working with Jorge and he is my favorite less active! He showed us his amazing garden and he has some really cool plants. He told us funny stories and then we taught him the law of chastity which was hilarious because he's like 78 years old! He's such a stud! 

Sunday came and we had a good lesson on the priesthood and how it is connected to the heavens. It was great. Then the discussion with the members started about the authority of the priesthood and we explained that it is the same for every worthy man. Everyone here thinks the Elders are more powerful so they call us instead of their own husbands or fathers...ha ha! So we taught them that this is not true and that they can call on priesthood holders in their own home. 

And then, I got to talk to you all, my family! I could talk to them for hours. It was a blast. This time, no tears. I love them all!

Reflection of the Week: Elder Cornilles and I were talking about how we realized the important things in life. How we've forgotten the things of the world that don't matter. Stuff like your on-line profile, your Facebook page and making yourself look all spiffy and great. We are humans and how we are is how we are. We should remember our values and what is really going to matter in life. Our knowledge, our family, the gospel and who we are as a person is what is really important. I believe our Instagrams and iPhones and money will not matter in the end. I am really glad I've realized that those things are not important. I love the mission and how much I have grown up. It is unreal what I have learned. I love you all so much! The scripture John 18:36 sums this up really well..."Jesus answered, My Kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence."  


Elder Moss

Meet Jorge and his garden

Jake thinks this is a dachshund....we're not quite sure on that....definitely not a pure bred dog!

Outside of Jake's apartment

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