Monday, May 30, 2016

Things Are Gradually Improving in Mantaro

Happy Memorial Day! How are you all?  This last week was really hard again. But I think the hard work and suffering is starting to pay off. Monday we played soccer even though it was raining.  The rain kind of took the fun out of it.  We went and visited Jose & Elva and taught them a lesson on the importance of why they should listen to us.  That was really interesting.  Elva told us she really likes to hear about how the church is so focused on the family.  Jose just wants to ask us questions like, "Can we manipulate the Holy Ghost when we have it"?  Elder Gonzales and I are trying to decide if we should drop them.  That's a hard decision because you don't want give up on anyone but at the same time if your not progressing then it's probably better to move on.  Tuesday we had district meeting. I now have a new district because they closed Chupaca and Elder Crosland and Moreno went to the jungle.  So we've had to switch things up....the mission is changing lots.  There have been some missionaries that have had to go home and are going home because of health problems.  So pray for me that I'll stay healthy.  Thank you for the package.  I love the garmin and tracking the miles I walk.  I also received a package from the YW.....that was so sweet! Thank you!  We have been finding some people to teach but they are failing us.  But we were able to teach Mariella who is doing great! Friday we knocked on a door of this nice, huge house and a guy named Samuel answered.  He told us to come back on Sunday. Usually the rich people here don't want to listen.  Elder Gonzales and I prayed so hard for Samuel, that he'd be there on Sunday when we came back. Guess what?  We went there on Sunday at 5 and he answered the door and had us come in and his WHOLE family, 3 kids and his wife, were there to listen.  It had to be one of the happiest feelings ever.  After weeks of rejection, we were led to this awesome family! They listened and we testified of the divinity of this gospel. They accepted and understood. They want us to come back and they are excited to read the BOM.  When we gave them the BOM, all of there faces just lit up. The kids even listened. They have a 5, 8 & 14 year old boys. They have this beautiful house but even better family!  After leaving Elder Gonzales was jumping out of his shoes....haha! He's had it rough with so many failing appts.  I'm so grateful that we found this family.  We also found 2 others and the ward is starting to give references. Slowly it's getting better....still not where I want it......because I know there is potential here. 

So the ward is finally going to start working.. so I decided to give a training on how to do visits and how to share the gospel. So I set up a training and we taught them how to do visits and then we made them practice on each other.... It was so funny!  The bishop is pushing for baptisms and the ward looks a tiny bit better.  I have been so frustrated and then finally we found some less actives and some new people. I was really questioning God in my prayers and telling him how much we work and there is just nothing and finally out of nowhere we found that golden family....the Zenoto family. So we've taught the Zenoto family the 1st lesson and they've invited us back this Friday again. 

Things in the mission are about to change a lot. President Henderson has a month left. We have a total of seven Zone Leaders going home this coming change. Changes are on June 22nd this month. Also, pray for all of us because we've had three Elders go home early in the past month because of illness and injury. It's been tough. So a lot is going to happen in the coming weeks with the transition to President Silva. 

Reflection of the week:  I was reading Ether 12:6 with some awesome less actives we visited for the first time and I realized how much this scripture relates to missionary work.   I'm not going to lie, these weeks have been full of no hope, just let downs.  After a trial of our faith and working our butts off, finally some hope.  We've received testimonies of hard work and pushing forward......knowing there is something.  I've never had such a hard time finding and getting people to progress like this in all my mission. But I'm learning and gaining a testimony of hard work.  Ether 12:27 sums it all up....if we go to the Lord he will make us stronger.  I love you all! Please pray for the Zenoto Family!!! #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

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