Monday, October 17, 2016

Last B-day in the mission

Family what's up?  Thank you for all the birthday wishes.....I can't believe I'm 20 years old! I'm not a teenager anymore.  This last week was awesome!  Monday we had comp P-day.  We all played pool and then more fun!  Like I've said before playing basketball at this elevation makes my lungs want to explode and then the following day I'm really tired.  But it's so worth it to me! Cerro de Pasco has become one of my favorite areas.I have really come to love it and really enjoy everything it has to offer.  

Tuesday, during district meeting, the Elders bought a birthday cake for Elder Chujo and I. Loved eating it and most of all getting it smashed into my face.  Sorry mom, no pic, my camera was dead, but I'm sending a lot of other pictures this week.  

The whole week it rained, hailed, and rained some more. The streets turn into rivers and the man holes blowup and turn into fountains. People get mad because they built a city around a mine and the company wants to expand the hole but that requires abandoning the city.  So the company is slowly buying houses and destroying them. The Peruvian always say, "If the Americans would've stayed (they started the mine) then we wouldn't have a huge city built around a huge expanding hole.  I just don't comment on that.  

Thursday we had division with E. Paragsha and then we went and slept in Elder Hernandez and Elder Matthews place...that was great!

Friday was my B-day.  The ZL'S brought me my package. We went and did some visits in the rain. Miguel passed his interview! He's suppose to get baptized this Wednesday.....he's so excited! Keep him in your prayers. That night we went and visited the Victors family. Marisa (the mom) made a cake for my b-day.  We ate it with them and they sang to me.  It was a fun evening! We left and headed back to Noemi, our pension. She bought a Tres Leches cake for me so we ate it with her and her two kids, Jarom and Joseph.  I opened my package and I felt so loved....thank you to everyone! It was such a great was filled with so much happiness! I can't believe this is my last b-day in the mission...that's CRAZY! 

Saturday we had the opportunity to do division with members and I was able to go with some members from another ward.  They took me to their friends house, Fernando and Isela Alvavez. They have 3 daughters. I shared with them lesson 1 and you could feel the spirit as I testified with Hermano Oscar and Hermana Liz about the gospel.  They were really interested and we have a return date with them.  They were so amazed at how fluent I was in Spanish.  They kept asking me how I learned and they told me I speak like a latin...LOL!  Hermana Liz commented about how my mom and dad must be so proud of what I'm doing. She testified of the importance of having good parents in the gospel. I truly realized in that moment how much my parents have affected me. It was all true what she was saying.  Parents are the key to learning in the gospel. I'm so grateful for my parents. 

Rocia and Ana are doing good. Rocia fasted on her own...that was cool to hear! I know she'll be getting baptized soon. Ana will probably be getting baptized at the end of the month. She wants to make her own decision when to get baptized.  So we are waiting patiently.  We have great support from the ward.  President Silva called me on Friday to wish me a happy b-day.  I think that was probably the best part of the day....honestly my heart was racing.  Such a great week with a lot of success!

Reflection of the week:  I have sincerely learned to love these people. In my interview with President Silva, he told me how important it is to love as we do the work and that it should be the first thing. I've been praying for help to be able to show my love towards these people. I love the members and the people we teach. This last change has brought me more laughs, smiles and hugs. It's true that when there is love there you will have success in your work. I have a firm testimony of that. I love you all! Thank you again for all the birthday wishes! #doitorjesus


Elder Moss

Elder Moss birthday celebration with Victor - Cerro de Pasco

Birthday cake for Elder Moss - made by Marisa Victors (investigator)

Elder Moss celebrating his last b-day with the Victors family
(Altenor, Marisa, Victor and Pamela)
Thanks Noemi (pension) for the yummy Tres Leche b-day cake

Cerro de Pasco flooded streets and man hole fountain - Oct 2016

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