Monday, October 10, 2016

We Moved & Then Moved Back

I think my body has finally gotten use to the cold temperatures here in CDP. We had an adventurous week.....moving twice and interviews with President! Time really is going by quicker each week.  P-days come around fast.  And transfers are fast approaching.  I can't believe that Zach got home!  It seems like yesterday I was saying goodbye to him. I hope he's adjusting back to real life.

This past week was crazy but good.  We didn't have a lot of proselyting time, but we did have some solid teaching,  Monday we were able to play basketball for a couple hours at the University in our area.  We played with some members and students.  That was fun!! Not gonna lie it's so hard playing b-ball at 14,000 feet......your lungs and body can feel it! But it was so worth it to play basketball.  

Tuesday we moved into our new place.  We thought it was going to be great.  Well turns out this place has no water or lights!  We had to talk to the landlord and ask for our money back....which he gave us.  But then we had to ask our Pension if we could come back to our old place?  Because she loves us, she let us come back.  So we moved back on on Thursday....such a pain.  I fixed the shower in the old room and we rearranged the now it looks a little nicer.  I know I need to get the address for Grandpa Moss so he can find it on Google maps since he loves doing that!

We had interviews with President Silva on Wednesday.  I gained a lot of respect for him.  He shared a great scripture with me in the Doctrine and Covenants about loving the people first who we teach.  If we don't love everyone around us then it's harder for the work to move forward.  Sometimes it's hard being an American here because the people have a harder time accepting you.  I also gained a greater appreciation for President in that he treats his wife with so much kindness and respect.  I have never heard someone talk so nice to his wife on the phone. What a great example. 

We had a cool experience on Sunday.  We were walking to church to go to ward council and I saw a couple sitting and talking.  I didn't think much of it but then the Spirit told me we should go talk to them.  Honestly I thought about ignoring it and then I remembered what Uncle David had told me last year about acting on every impression of the spirit.  So we stopped and went back to talk to them. Their names are Jose and Stephanie.  Jose used to go to church 10 years back and the Elders visited him 5 years ago but then stopped.  We had a great conversation with them and talked about their family.  They're still interested in coming back to church.  They were glad to see us and know that there are still missionaries in the area.  It was a great experience for me with listening to the promptings of the spirit. Who knows if they will progress but the greatest part is I listened and obeyed and that strengthened my testimony of following promptings from the Spirit.  

Reflection of the week: I have a strong testimony of fasting.  If you remember a few weeks back we fasted for Miguel to help him overcome his casual drinking.  We visited him on Saturday and he's doing so great and a lot happier. We set a goal with him to read two pages of the BOM each day. It might not seem like much to some, but that's a big step for him. He wants a new life and wants to change. Every time we see him he asks us about baptism.  He truly is a person looking to repent of his sins and it's so amazing to see the Spirit working through him. Something that I have learned from Miguel is as children of God, we don't need to be perfectly prepared to take on a change in our life. We just need to trust in our Savior and know he will guide us.  Miguel is not 100% ready for baptism but his desires and willingness to change is so strong. He's willing to leave the past and start over again in his life.  Pray for Miguel so he can continue to prepare and learn. #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Elder Moss - Cerro de Pasco - October 2016

Elder Moss - Cerro de Pasco - October 2016

Elder Morales & Elder Moss - Cerro de Pasco - October 2016

Elder Moss

Cerro de Pasco

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