Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone has a fun, safe night trick or treating!  This last week was good.....nothing crazy happened.  This last transfer every companionship had changes in Cerro de Pasco except ours. I have to be honest with you that being with someone for 3 months sometimes can be challenging. It didn't rain much this week but it definitely got colder.  

We've been able to play basketball every morning this last that's been fun! Monday we sent Elder Hernandez off to Tingo Maria.That's supposedly the coolest area in the mission. He was really happy about that transfer. It will be his 3rd time in the jungle. Later we played basketball, again, at the University. Monday night we were invited do have family night  and have dinner with the Atencio family. They have been members for a long time. They sell Herbalife and always trying to get me to buy some because it comes from the States. 

Tuesday we had a wonderful lesson with Ana.  Ana told us that she wants to for sure get baptized on November 19th...she's so excited! Elder Morales and I asked her some questions for her pre-interview and found that she needed to have more information on Joseph Smith to have a testimony of him and his work.  We had Ana watch the Restoration and the greatest thing about Ana is that when we tell her to do something she's always so willing and actually does it.  She wants to learn and everyday she reads a chapter from the BOM.  We returned on Friday and she was able to tell us all about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. She explained to us how she felt the spirit as she was watched and read more about Joseph Smith. She said, "I know it's all true and I can't wait to get baptized." She also came to church on Sunday. I would have to say that Ana will be one of my best converts!

Rocio also has a baptismal date for November 19th.  She's really prepared but she wants her parents acceptance. She's 19 and doesn't need their permission but it's important to her to have their approval. Ana is the same way and she's 45 years old.

There's a big marathon coming up here in CDP next weekend. Pretty crazy to run 26.2 miles at 14,200 feet.There are signs and banners all over the city advertising it. Maybe we will get to see the runners go by!   

Reflection of the week:  The last couple changes in my mission have been really tough. I'm not going to lie, my mission has been hard and I seem to get put into a lot of tough situations over and over. But I've learned to keep a good attitude and turn hard areas into working and productive areas. I've learned that sometimes you just have to accept the situation and do your best to push forward.  I've stopped keeping track of time and holding onto disappointments.  I've experienced a lot of let downs in my mission and it doesn't matter.  The best thing I can do is just get outside, work and smile.  Having a good attitude can change any situation we are in.  I'm so glad to be here in Cerro de Pasco serving the Lord.  #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Elder Moss, Elder Morales, Elder Hernandez and Elder Matthews - Cerro De Pasco 2016