Monday, October 24, 2016

Miguel Got Baptized!

It was a great week this week and the time flew by! Miguel got baptized last Wednesday!  We spent a lot of time on Wednesday getting ready for the baptism. It was supposed to begin at 5pm but Peruvian time is an hour late so we going at 6pm. Dad would lose it here, ha ha! It was such a great day for Miguel and he was so happy.  His family came and supported him.  Half of his family are members. When Miguel shared his testimony you could see that his countenance had could see a light in his face! Miguel is 25 years old and he works in a car shop.  His wife left him and he was making some bad decisions in his life...he wanted to change and make his life better.  We saw him a few days after his baptism and he truly was a different person. 

The weeks are flying by here in Cerro de Pasco.  We had transfers yesterday and nothing changed....I'm still with Elder Morales.  Last Monday we had zone p-day and played a lot of board games inside the church because it was raining and hailing. Most p-days we are trying to avoid the rain.  I've decided that I'm not of a fan of rain. Typical day here is it is sunny until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and then it begins to rain.  

Tuesday, Renald, a member that's from Lima Callao came with us to do visits.  He loves to help us do visits everyday if he can. I've noticed a big difference in the way the ward here supports the missionaries. They are really great people. The Ward Council brought me a cake for my birthday last Sunday! 

On Thursday we had an opportunity to teach a lesson to an inactive family.  They haven't been to church for 12 years.  They're actually the pioneers of Cerro de Pasco...the first family to be baptized and helped others to get baptized.  They said they've been going to another church, which is kind of sad. We talked about their testimonies of the gospel.  I asked them if they knew that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ? They told me that if we take the Introduction of the Book of Mormon at face value then yes, they believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet. But I asked them "Do you know in your hearts that this is all true?" And they said no and it was sad for us to hear them say that. So Elder Morales and I both bore our testimonies to them and it was the coolest thing. The Spirit was strong and I hope this family felt it. I'm hoping they will let us come back and talk to them more.

I also got great news this week from Mantaro in Huancayo...Jose and Lucero Diaz got baptized! Elder Gonzales and I taught them and worked with them and they got married when I was in that area. It was great to hear they accepted the gospel and joined the church there in Mantaro!

Reflection of the week:  I've been thinking a lot about testimony this past week, especially after we had the lesson with the inactive family. It made me realize how vital a testimony is. I know that in the mission I have gained a big testimony of the gospel. I have seen it change lives...mostly mine. I have felt such a big impact from my testimony and it has helped me understand more about my purpose on this earth. Seeing Miguel on Wednesday and how happy he was changed me a bit. The gospel has really changed his life...and mine as well. #doitforjesus


Elder Moss

Miguel's Baptism - Cerro de Pasco - October 2016

Elder Moss & Elder Morales - October 2016

Elder Moss & Elder Morales - October 2016